10 Weird Ways To Make Money Online (You Haven’t Heard About)

For the past 7 years, I’ve been covering the many ways the internet provides anyone anywhere an opportunity to make money online.

Many of these are the same, tired, scammy, not-worth-it-at-all methods everyone talks about however, for today, I want to present some methods you may have never heard about.

Today, I am covering 10 very strange and weird ways to make money online (that actually work)

This is for those who are bored with the whole “do surveys and get paid cents” mantra.

It’s for those who are looking for something fresh and out-of-the-box.

These may not be for everyone and it’s by far not an exhaustive list, but it should give you a few ideas on what’s out there for you to try.

I will be discussing each method below, but feel free to use the table of contents below to jump to the method that grabs your attention.

weird strange and unusual

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Become A Personal Matchmaker

how to make money as an online matchmaker

If you’re the annoying friend who always likes to set people up with each other (yet you’re always single) then this weird online job may just be for you.

Go check out Tawkify.com, which yes, hires matchmakers!

Matchmakers on Tawkify earn around $100 per date they manage to fix up – while this may sound great, it usually takes around 10 hours to set it up so you are looking at around $10 an hour, which is not too bad.

If you’d like to know more about this opportunity, you can apply to join Tawkify or you can see this Tawkify review here.

Turn Your Junk Mail Into Rewards

get compensated to send junk mail

This is also a weird one but truth be told; I wish I have found about this sooner.

Have you ever visited your spam folder?

It’s an endless stream of bullshit emails, scams, viagra pills and “horny singles near you”.

As a marketer, I’ve always wondered if such emails actually produce anything for the people sending them but I guess they do since there seems to be no end to it.

Anyways, the SBKC (The Small Business Knowledge Center) might have some use for all that spam so if you’d like to literally turn junk into cash, this may be something you’d want to check out.

Mind you won’t earn much though. Selfmadesuccess.com estimates that you can earn around $8 a month with this method.

Not quite what the payout you were hoping for?

Fret not; there are plenty more weird ways to make money approaching.

Get Paid To View Ads With The Brave Browser

get paid to view ads with the brave browser

Although this is not that weird, it is pretty unusual for a browser to pay you money to allow it to display ads.

Yep! If you are sick and tired of constantly being tracked around the web with intrusive banner ads, then I may have found a solution for you.

I am typing this from my Brave Browser, which is a very new-ish internet browser that doesn’t track you and – if you do decide to allow ads – you will get paid for using the browser while ads run on the websites your viewing.

It works just like Chrome (in fact even the Chrome Extensions works on Brave). It’s way faster and as I said; it pays you to display ads to you (ads that you might actually enjoy not random BS).

They payout using the Basic Attention Token, which is a cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin. Whenever you want, you can withdraw these tokens to your wallet (and store them for the future) and/or exchange them for cash or other cryptocurrencies.

You can download the Brave browser here.

Turn Your Lock Screen Into A Cash Machine

can you make money with the slidejoy app

Keeping on with the “get paid to watch ads” model, the SlideJoy app (although not as clever) also allows you to earn a few extra $$ simply by allowing companies to place ads on your phone lock screen (only available to Android users).

Basically, you just need to get the SlideJoy app and let it run. 

You will start seeing (random) ads show up on your lock screen and Carats getting added to your account.

What are Carats?

Carats are the “tokens” that you can redeem for money only once you have amassed 2000 tokens and you can withdraw via PayPal or you can even exchange them into gift cards if you’d like.

One thing I would suggest you do is to watch out how much data these ads are running you – chances are that if you pay per MB, then this will not be as profitable as you may think.

Nathaniell estimates SlideJoy could earn you a disappointing $10 extra per month.

Sell Your Hair Online

can you make money with buyandsellhair

This may not be weird for some, but it is for me.

Did you know you can actually sell your hair online (and make good money doing it as well)?

The website BuyandSellHair.com seems to be the go-to place on the web if you want to try your luck selling your precious hair.

Of course, the obvious catch here is that you can’t grow your hair fast enough to make this a full-time gig, but you can get quite the sum for the hair you currently have on your head right now (unless you’re balding like me).

At the time of writing, there’s a “beautiful auburn thick virgin hair” that is selling for a staggering $1900!

can you make money selling hair online

Get Paid To Go On Dates

how to make money by going on dates

Are you still going on (bad) dates and not getting paid?

What a loser!

Didn’t you know you can actually get paid to go on dates?

I don’t mean in an escort-ish way (well maybe) but there are sites that legitimately pay you to go out on dates.

I haven’t looked into this too deeply (I will soon and I will publish guides on this at a later date), but yeah; you can get paid to date!

Isn’t that great?

Here’s a bit-more-in-depth guide on the subject and also, here are a few sites where you can register to start your venture as a high-paid date-er:

You can also consider becoming an online girlfriend.

Now enough vanilla stuff, let’s see what weird and unusual methods I’ve kept for last…

Start Sexting With Strangers

how to make money with arousr

Yep – you can get paid to sext (and the best thing about it is that you can keep your privacy as well.

Arousr, which is an app that yes; pays you to text with random strangers will gladly take you on as one of their chat hosts and you’d be able to earn around $0.20 for each text you send and;

if you don’t mind showing your face, you can earn around $0.70c per minute through a video call.

Here’s a great guide showing you how to make money sexting.

NB There is a verification process so if you’re a 45-year-old dude trying to pass as a “hot 21-year-old”, then this is not for you.

Become A Cam Girl

Getting Started Making Money Chatting & Camming Online

Taking it up a notch, how would you like to become a cam girl?

While this is still not the weirdest way I’ve found to make money online, it is the most profitable one on this list.

In fact, a few weeks ago I published quite the guide that shows you how to make money as a cam-girl.

In that guide, you will find resources that will show you how cam girls earn around $100,000+ a year (& that’s just being modest).

Truth be told, I have no qualms with this method of making money online. There’s a lot of money flowing from lonely men to hot women, so if you want to get in on the action, look into becoming a cam girl (or cam guy for that matter).

Sell Your (Dirty) Underwear

sofia gray review

Note the emphasis on dirty!

Yes, while you can make money selling your underwear, in this weird niche, you’ll actually get paid more for your used dirty underwear.

Imagine not having to do laundry anymore and you simply sell your used panties for a hefty profit!

Sounds too good to be true?

Nope! It’s real. Welcome to the weird-wide-web.

The surprisingly popular SofiaGray website allows you to do just that. It connects you with thousands of panty sniffers (their words not mine) around the world and yes; there are plenty of people ready to spend money to sniff your dirty underwear.

The usual going rate for underwear is about $30 a pop – and that’s if they’ve been worn for at least a day – so technically; you can make $30 a day simply by selling your dirty underwear.

How’s that for unusual?

BONUS: My Not-So-Weird Way To Make Money Online

One last bonus method I will share with you (even though it’s not anywhere near as weird as any of the methods outlined above) is the method I have been using to make money online for the past 10 years.

(Many still consider what I do for a living to be a little bit weird so this may be for you).

I make money onlline by creating easy-to-build websites – such as this one – and then make money with the various methods that exist to make money with a website.

I won’t go into each specific method here as that would be an entirely new set of blog posts, but if you’re interested in seeing how I do it;

I have a free course right here which will teach you everything you need to know

What Do You Think?

Should I do a “part 2” and cover some more strange, weird, and unusual ways to make money on the internet?

There’s definitely a lot more I can share with you, but let me know which what you think of this one and what you’d like me to cover next and I’d be more than happy to provide you more information.

Talk soon!

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