How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Mentor?

Is there such a thing as an “affiliate marketing mentor”?

& if so – do you need one?

Yesterday I was browsing Quora and one of the questions asked was something to the effect of;

“Where can I find an affiliate marketing mentor to help me make money?”

Today, I am sharing my thoughts on this giving you my opinion on the idea of having an affiliate marketing mentor to help you get started, and eventually grow your affiliate marketing business to new heights thanks to his (or her) experience in this business.

Here’s what I am going to be sharing with you below:

  • What is an affiliate marketing mentor?
  • Do you need one to succeed?
  • Where to find an affiliate marketing mentor and
  • A few alternatives to having an “affiliate marketing mentor”.


Let’s get started…

What Is An Affiliate Marketing Mentor?

The idea of an affiliate marketing mentor isn’t new at all, but from the research I did for this post, it shows there’s a resurgence in interest in having a dedicated mentor to help you succeed with affiliate marketing.

Let me jump right in here and give you my opinion;

I like it.

I like the idea of personal mentors that can help people succeed with this business, which let’s face it – while it’s easy to do, it’s still very much complicated for many starting out.

What I don’t like, however, is that most affiliate marketing mentors marketing their services as such seem to not have a good idea of what a mentor really is or what he/she does.

  • Having a mentor does not mean buying a course from one and
  • It also doesn’t mean reading his blog.

What it means is that if you decide to get an affiliate marketing mentor, he will be with you “24/7” helping you start, build and grow your affiliate marketing business.

What I would expect from a mentor is to have access to him either via a messaging app and maybe even Skype calls every day/week/whatever.

If done right, an affiliate mentor can be super beneficial to one’s ability to avoid mistakes and actually get started making money with affiliate marketing sooner rather than later.

Do You Need A Mentor To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing?

do you need an affiliate marketing mentor

No – you do not need a mentor to succeed with affiliate marketing.

While it will help significantly (if you find the right one), it’s not a guarantee for success and it does not mean you can’t do it without one either.

My affiliate marketing business has been funding my lifestyle for years now and while I did have people who thought me a whole lot (and I will show you where to find them down below), I do not consider them as “mentors” in the one-on-one sense we’re talking about here in this blog post.

Also, you have to keep in mind that an affiliate mentor worth his salt is likely going to be charging a lot of money.

This is because if he’s so good at it that he can teach it to others, he’s most likely already earning more-than-enough for him to not need to do it (mentorship someone properly takes a LOT of time).

With that said, if you can afford a mentor – then, by all means, get one as they do help and I’m sure with a dedicated mentor you could begin making money much quicker than if you go at it solo (never go at it solo – you always need some kind of direction).

If you can’t afford a mentor, then don’t worry – you can still make money with affiliate marketing and I will show you how to do it further down below.

Where Can You Find An Affiliate Marketing Mentor?

where to find an affiliate marketing mentor

If you’re looking to find a mentor that can help you with affiliate marketing (or any other thing for that matter), there are a few sites which are dedicated to connecting people with the mentors they want.

You can find most of them listed here, but here are some of the best ones that also have affiliate marketing mentors:

The above is the easy way to find a dedicated mentor to help you, but you can also try the following ways to connect with a mentor:

Outreach Emails:

If there’s someone online who teaches affiliate marketing that you’d like to learn from, send him an email with your intentions.

Most probably, you will be refused (high-profile people get requests like this on a daily so unless they specifically promote they offer mentorship services, you can expect to be refused), but;

There’s also a chance you won’t be so – there’s no harm in trying.

Simply find the email and send in your request.

Events / Conferences:

Events and conferences (while not my cup-of-tea) bring together the leading experts in any field.

If you really want to have an affiliate marketing mentor, you may consider going to such an event (maybe you can find one through and see who’d be willing to do it.

Freelance Websites:

digital marketing mentors

I did come across a few digital marketing mentors/freelancers on sites such as PeoplePerHour and Upwork so you can also check those platforms and see if you find one you like.

This may probably be your best chance at finding a mentor, but be wary of who you hire since as we talked about earlier, not everyone has the results to be qualified enough to teach affiliate marketing.


On the money-corner of the Twittersphere, you will find a lot of gurus on there who offer one-on-one help.

Whether you’re a fan of Twitter-gurus that’s up to you but you will find plenty of people there who I’m sure would be willing to help mentor you to success.

Facebook Groups:

find an affiliate marketing mentor on facebook

FB groups are also a great option here.

Simply join a few groups related to what you want to learn (in this case affiliate marketing) and then post a question seeing if anyone is willing to mentor you.

NB: Never ask for free mentorship. As I said; anyone who has the results to be able to mentor would 100% not do it for free.

Mentorship is a big commitment with a lot of hours involved so again; do not expect it for free.

(Mentorship From Afar):

One last option you have is to find an online mentor which you can learn from without having one on one access to.

Some people like @garyvee for example so they soak up all his content and see him as “a mentor”.

Personally, I prefer @grantcardone myself but there are plenty of others who are more focused on affiliate marketing – you just need to find them (YouTube is a good place to start looking).

3 Alternatives To Mentors Which You Should Consider

Wealthy Affiliate Review

One other way to get help with your affiliate marketing business is not through a “personal mentor”, but by joining a course from a mentor whom you like.

A course – although not as one-on-one as you may wish – gives you access to everything a mentor knows without having to pay thousands of dollars (which is what I estimate a mentor would cost).

The way I learned this business is through the Wealthy Affiliate University which is from Kyle & Carson, two uber-successful affiliate marketers whom I’ve been following for a long time.

You can check out Wealthy Affiliate here as it’s where I learned how to make money with affiliate marketing and it’s probably the best option for you as well, but there are two other courses which I’ve used to help me make money. These are:

The links will lead you to my dedicated review of each course so if you’re interested in getting a course over getting a mentor, you may want to check out the above three and see which would most likely work best for you.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it.

My thoughts on why – and why not – you need to find an affiliate marketing mentor.

It’s been a quick post but that’s because there’s not much to say about this.

If you want a mentor, go get one as they can help you but if you want to learn affiliate marketing, without the fees associated with having a “one-on-one” type mentor, you can check out the 3 courses linked above (again; my suggestion would be Wealthy Affiliate).

I’ll leave you to it.