What To Do With A Failing Affiliate Website (To Make Money)

I’ve been building affiliate websites for nearly 7 years now and if there’s one thing I learned is that even though it’s almost a guarantee that you will make money, over 90% of aspiring affiliate marketers still fail to ever earn their first $1.

Both of those statements are true (even though they seem to contradict each other).

Today, I am talking about failing affiliate websites (which yes, I’ve had plenty of) and how to “turn things around” in one last effort before you pack it in and call it a day. Don’t do it.

Don’t give up on your website just yet because – most probably – there still is hope to turn it around and yes, you can make money even with a failing affiliate website.

If you’re struggling to make money with your affiliate marketing efforts, be sure to read this guide as it will help open your eyes to things you can do to fix the issues that are holding you back from making money.

The reason you can’t make money is because of what you know and what you don’t know.

That’s the line that changed everything around for me and below, I will show you how to do the same.

What To Do With A Failing Affiliate Website?

what to do with a failing affiliate website

Having a failing affiliate website does not mean it’s the end of the road. If anything – it means that you need to up your game a little bit and learn new ways to make it work.

If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, this is a necessary learning curve to get over and we’ve all been through it.

If it was as easy as creating a website and suddenly get rich, then I would be in an entirely different position right now. The truth is, I too have websites that are not performing as well as I had hoped for, but this does not mean I should close them up. It means I need to up my game and try to understand why they’re not working.

Another hugely important factor that I will be talking about today is time.

If your website is one month old and is not making money, it does not mean it’s a failed website, it means you need to give it time. I will talk more about how much time is needed (and what to do with a failing affiliate website) further down below but first, let’s take a look at…

Why Do Affiliate Marketers Fail?

This is a hard one to answer because there are many reasons why an affiliate marketer and his/her affiliate website fails. Some of the most common reasons would be:

  • Not enough time has passed (you need 6-8 months to really see results).
  • You are not optimizing for the right keywords.
  • You are not writing good enough content.
  • You are not selling the right products.
  • You are not selling the right products, the right way.

I know that may not satisfy everyone’s need for an answer, but if you think about it, there’s definitely one or more issues mentioned above that you can identify with your own affiliate website.

How to fix these issues is another thing, and I will share more about this soon and I will also give you a free training course to follow so stick around to the last part.

Can You Still Make Money With A Failed Affiliate Website?

YES – a “failed website” (whatever it is you mean by failed) can still make money.

If you’re making $100 a month and you see that as a failure, then my suggestion would be to not see it as such because I said, many affiliate marketers fail before they make their first $1.

If you’re trying to grow from that $100 a month, you just to do more of what’s been working thus far.

If, on the other hand, you’re at $0 and you’re 9 months in, there are some issues that need resolving asap, but still, you shouldn’t give up on it just yet.

If all else fails, there’s one more way you can make money with your affiliate website, and that is selling it. Yes, you can sell a website, even if it’s not earning a single cent.

Let’s say you’ve published 50 articles of 1500 words so far on your website. This means you have ~75,000 pageviews.

Publishing that much should guarantee some traffic and some income already. I would even add it’s impossible to not be making any money by this point but for the sake of this example, let’s say you’re not.

You can sell that website for $1500 and I got to that number by assuming $0.02c per word published.

There are people, who may know what to do with your website or have a need for that type of content to pay you that sum of money in exchange for your content.

All I’m trying to show you here is that if you do it right, you will make money with affiliate marketing – guaranteed! Before you go about trying to sell your website for a quick exit, let’s take a look at the…

4 Things To Do With A Failing Affiliate Website

See If There’s Still Hope

Can a failing website be saved? Most probably, yes. However;

Should you be investing the time to save it?

If you have a website that’s making $10 a month, and it requires umpteen more months to get it to $100, is it really worth it?

The only way to find out is by seeing if there’s a chance your website can eventually reach the target income you’re hoping for.

I highly recommend you watch this video as it will show you what you need to look out for (i.e the metrics) to see if your website is failing (and if you can turn it around).

Improve Your Content (& Rankings)

If you watched the video and you’ve made the decision that your failing affiliate website is worth saving, the first thing you should do – IF ENOUGH TIME HAS PASSED – is to update your content.

If your content has been published for at least 6 months yet, let it be. It’s still too early, but if it’s over 6 months, here’s how you can update your old content for a fresh boost in the search engines. This would lead to a bump in rankings and hopefully income as well.

Improve Your Monetisation Efforts

If you have traffic but it’s not earning you any commissions, you’re either selling the wrong product or you have the right product, but you’re selling it the wrong way.

One thing that has helped me is learning a bit of copywriting basics so start learning how to sell with words and also make sure you are displaying the right products to your traffic.

If you’re already making money, then look at what’s working and double down on it. If this is the case, you defiantly do not have a failing website and to grow it, you just need to put in more work (or give it more time).

Can You Sell Your Website?

If all else fails, as I’ve mentioned above, you can always sell your website. This is a method I’ve talked about in the past but still many do not realize as an option.

I have a guide on how to make money buying and selling affiliate websites here if you’re interested. You will learn how to properly price your website and also where to find buyers.

What Is “Wrong” With Affiliate Marketing?

One thing I want to leave you with before you go and try to implement the changes I’ve suggested above is to give it time.

I’ve mentioned this already but I will say it again because it’s true and just a few months can make the difference between a failing website and a high-ranking authoritative website that generates money on demand.

That’s the only thing that’s wrong with affiliate marketing and “wrong” may not be the right way to put it here. In fact, I blame all the scam gurus out there telling you that you can make money “overnight” with affiliate marketing, which I’m sure you’ve realized by now, is all BS.

There’s nothing wrong with affiliate marketing, it’s a beautiful business model that allows anyone in the world to make money online without needing to invest a lot of money.

What you do need is a bit of hard work and patience, if you can manage that, you will be able to make money with affiliate marketing – guaranteed.

In fact, I would suggest you take a look at the guide I published yesterday showing you how to create a money-making affiliate website/bog in 50 days.




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Final Words

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I’ll see you on the inside.

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