The “Profitable Niche Site” Case-Study (June 2019 – Update 2)

In case you’ve missed my first update on this, this year I’ve decided to run and launch 10 new niche websites with the goal of (eventually) selling them for $10,000 each.

As I have explained in the first update, I am currently 2 new niche websites in and in this update, I am going to share with you a brief update of how month two (June 2019) of this case study turned out to be.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to attend to other issues this past month as a lot has happened in my business which diverted my attention, however;

While I did not have as much time as I would’ve liked to continue building new niche websites, the two sites I’ve already created have gone on steady and have both achieved “record traffic” in their second month – I guess this is the beauty of affiliate marketing.

If you’re interested in getting started with affiliate marketing and building your own niche website empire, you can follow along with this course here which is the same “roadmap” I am using to build my 10 new niche sites in 2019.

Let’s get into it

(Again, I highly suggest you read the first update of this case study so you can get an idea of what I’m trying to do here).

The Profitable Niche Site Case Study – Update #2

profitable niche site case study june 2019

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Niche Site 01: STSP (Name & URL TBA)

stsp case study traffic 2 months

  • Page views in May 2019: 268 page views
  • Page views in June 2019: 742 page views (an increase of 177%)
  • Posts Published in June 2019: 6
  • Total Posts Published: 21
  • Total Words Published: 33175
  • Average Word Count Per Post: 1572

Thoughts On The Previous Month:

Due to the many issues that came up this month (including my writer sending all content way too late to be able to publish it this month), I have failed in reaching my desired “30 posts published” target.

I explain why I am targetting 30 posts in the first update of this case study.

For the next month, I will try to get 9 new posts up (which is doable) and then this site will go on the backburner and start building my next two sites, which I will talk about further down below).

Niche Site 02: TSCC (Name & URL TBA)

tscc case study traffic 2 months

  • Page views in May 2019: 249 pageviews
  • Page views in June 2019: 504 page views (an increase of 102%)
  • Posts Published in June 2019: 14
  • Total Posts Published: 39
  • Total Words Published: 46,775
  • Average Word Count Per Post: 1161

Thoughts On The Previous Month:

Even though this site grew by over 100%, I have to say this was a bit of a disappointment this month, and I blame Pinterest for that.

With this website, I am focusing my efforts on both SEO and Pinterest since it makes sense to put the content on the platform.

While the SEO traffic is slowly but surely going up, we are a bit behind on Pinterest and this is because of an issue that came up regarding rich pins.

We were accepted to be “rich-pin enabled” but they simply were not showing up.

After we got in touch with Pinterest support (which is a hassle in itself) we were told this is an issue from their end and it would be fixed in about 8 weeks (so around August 2019).

This has put our traffic plans back a bit but, I have no other option but to wait for this fix.

In the meantime, for July – I will continue increasing the posts on this website with the plan of publishing 20 product reviews (we haven’t done any product reviews up till now).

One thing I should add here is that we also got a few backlinks to this website, which is great to see (even though I’m not a big believer in backlinks).

What I’m Working on In July

As mentioned above, this July I should be able to get 9 posts published on STSP (I will be revealing the name and domain for this one soon) and;

We will also publish 20 reviews on TSCC – this is a project that my girlfriend runs under my guidance so there’s not much effort from my end to build this site out, except for keyword research and on page SEO.

Overall, I would like to keep this month-on-month increase in traffic as it’s a good sign to be increasing 100% each and every month.

Even though there were a few upsets – I am really happy with how these sites are coming together and truth be told; I think they will be decent money-makers by the end of the year.

New Niche Websites In The Works

One other thing I did do this past month (June) is I registered a few domains for the 8 more niche websites I will be building this year.

I have a plan to do more Amazon Associates websites, one rank-and-rent website and one in the investing realm.

I won’t go into much about these in this update as I’m not yet sure on what I will be doing, but you will be hearing about a new website in next month’s update.

Why I Haven’t Monetized Yet

One thing you may have noticed about the above two sites which I have running is that money is not being made – and that is on purpose.

I have not yet monetised these websites in any way (no banner ads and no affiliate marketing).

Even with the 20 new reviews I will be publishing on TSCC this month, I will still not add affiliate links – yet.

You can see why I am choosing not to monetise too soon in my first case study update here.

One thing I do know is that if these steady traffic gains keep going, it won’t be long till I start monetising them (I’m assuming it will be around September)

Final Words

I’m going to end this here as I have a big month ahead and I need to get to work.

If you’re interested in this case study, be sure to join my email list and I will send you an email with a link once the next update (part 3) rolls out.

If you have any questions, be sure to let me know in the comment section below, I would love nothing more than to help you start your own affiliate marketing website.