10 BodyBuilding Affiliate Programs To Bulk Up Profits

Looking to bulk up your affiliate profits?

The bodybuilding niche is in full swing, and new opportunities for affiliate marketers are showing up everywhere online.

Today, I want to share with you yet another affiliate program roundup post delivering some of the best bodybuilding affiliate programs currently used by marketers to promote and pump up profits.

If you’re in the fitness niche, this is for you. Here are…

The 10 Best BodyBuilding Affiliate Programs

bodybuilding affiliate programs

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Stack Labs

stacklabs affiliate program

Stack Labs is one of the bodybuilding supplements pioneering brands. They feature high-quality formulas that are highly effective when it comes to increasing muscle mass;

  • reducing fat safely,
  • increases strength – and
  • performance as well.

Their products feature no side effects and are made in the United States. Furthermore, they offer free shipping for their products, which are always shipped in discreet packages.

If you’re looking for a company that offers the most affordable bodybuilding products, then Stack Labs is perfect for you. When you shop two items from Stack Labs, the third one will be free.

Usually, their average order value is $112 and a conversion rate of 5.2%.

Unlike most affiliate programs, the Stack Labs affiliate works along with their affiliate to increase their commission by providing them with website reviews, advice, sale incentives, a comprehensive promotion guide as well as 100% commission weekends.

This is why Stack home is one of the best bodybuilding affiliate program.

Commission: 45%

Cookie: Lifetime


hgh affiliate program

HGH.COM only sells their supplements along with health supplements that are ideal for bodybuilding, bine support, and weight loss, among other critical aspects. HGH has an impeccable reputation when it comes to the quality of their products as well as customer service.

When you make any purchase, you are guaranteed 90 days money-back.

Furthermore, they feature an A rate on BB and their Lab has received various awards due to their quality standards and their facilities, which are state of the art.

When it comes to affiliate programs, HGH.COM features one of the best bodybuilding affiliate programs in the industry. Furthermore, they have partnered with ShareASale to help with managing their affiliate program.

All affiliates have access to HGH.COM’s vast selection of text links and banners as well as reporting and tracking tools. These help them run frequent coupons and deals to assist in carrying out their affiliate promote their products.

Commission: 15-50%

Cookie: two weeks

BPI Sports

bpi sports affiliate program

When it comes to health and fitness, BPI Sports is highly passionate, and will help you attain your fitness goal with ease.

They will work with you from the beginning all the way to the end with amazing nutritional products and the best plans that will help you achieve your goals fast. Furthermore, BPI Sports have helped numerous fitness enthusiasts in over 80 different countries.

Their products consist of muscle building, recovery, pre-workouts as well as enhancing athletic performance.

Usually, the average order value of BPI Sports is $50. Additionally, they use AvantLink in managing their affiliate program. They offer a calendar that comprises offers, text links, official banners, and their data feed.

As an affiliate, you will be receiving a monthly newsletter that features the latest promotions, tips that will aid you in increasing your sales, and other essential news.

Commission: 26%


crazymass affiliate program

Founded in 2006, CrazyMass has developed to become one of the leading sources of anabolic steroids and steroid alternatives.

CrazyMass products are made from using natural ingredients that work perfectly with your body’s chemistry in burning fats, building strength, and increasing testosterone levels without having any side effects associated with steroids.

Additionally, their products are manufactured in the United States in a cGMP certified facility as well as FDA inspected.

The average order value by CrazyMass is $161, and when featured with add-ons, it reaches $395. Furthermore, it uses Commission Junction in managing their affiliate program.

Usually, their affiliate will receive access to their incredible product catalog, banner ads, the regular update offers, tracking tools, and text links.

Commission: 20%

Cookie: 90 days

Muscle & Strength

muscle and strength affiliate program

Muscle & Strength is one of the most popular fitness websites and one of the most visited.

There are no less than 7,000 different products on their eCommerce store with no less than 250 supplement deals. Apart from their amazing online shop, customers receive all the essential tools and information to help them attain their fitness goals.

Muscle & Strength have ample workouts, videos, guides, and exercise, among other critical data.

Additionally, Muscle & Strength uses Commission Junction in providing their affiliates with reports and real-time tracking. Their affiliates can utilize the Muscle & Strength online tools to enhance their performance.

Moreover, they grant their affiliates access to text links, banner ads, coups, deals, product links, and product catalogs.

Commission: 10%

Bradley Allen

bradley allen affiliate program

If you are looking for a brand that understands well clothes that best suits bodybuilders, then Bradley Allen will be best for you. They have come up with a dress shirt that suits bodybuilders perfectly and has a professional look at the same time.

Furthermore, they have offer cuts that do not require custom fitting, and it is pocket-friendly. They design collar extenders as well; they extend the neck size of your dress shirt easily.

Any serious influencer such as gyms, personal trainers, as well as other individuals who are in the fitness community can apply for the affiliate program. When it comes to managing their affiliate program, Bradley Allen uses Refersion.

As an affiliate, you will be able to receive access to all new products and special promotions along with all affiliate training and advertising materials. Usually, your commission will be increased based on your sales volume and the potentiality of making over $2000 every month.

Commission: 20%

ProMera Sports

promera sports affiliate program

ProMera Sports are known for making CONCRET, creatine hydrochloride that is highly pure, along with other incredible workout supplements available in today’s market. In the last 10 years and 5 patents later, they remain to be creatine future.

Furthermore, ProMera has won creatine and muscle builder awards due to their effective and high-quality products.

ProMera Sports order value is #100. As an affiliate, you can sign up for the ProMera Sports affiliate program with ShareASale.

Usually, they offer their affiliates all the essentials they will require to promote one of the best workout supplements available in today’s market. ProMera Sports are leading in workout supplements in over ten years and 5 patents.

Moreover, they offer one of the most significant commission rates. You should note that coupons and deals sites can earn up to 10% commission, whereas other forms of traffic can earn up to 15% commission.

Commission: 10 – 15%

Cookie: 60 days


bodybuilding.com affiliate program

Bodybuilding.com is a bodybuilding website that is the most visited in the world. Furthermore, it is the biggest online company for sports nutrition. They have not less than 12,000 products at incredible prices, award-winning customer care service, and fast shipping.

As a visitor, you can sign up for over 50 All Access fitness plans that are available on Bodybuilding.com; furthermore, it features nutritional plans, daily workouts, store discounts as well as video instructions.

As an affiliate, you will have two different plans to choose from; bodybuilding.com all-access affiliate program and the bodybuilding.com store affiliate program. At the store option, you will be given a chance to create traffic in one of the world’s biggest online specialty in supplying sport nutrition products.

On the other hand, all-access programs will offer an opportunity to be paid when visitors sign up for premium fitness resources. When it comes to managing their programs, bodybuilding.com uses Pepperjam.

Commission: 8%

My Supplement Store

my supplement store affiliate program

My Supplement Store features over 5,000 bodybuilding vitamins and supplements, including health, muscle building, weight loss, and weight gainer, at an affordable rate.

Additionally, my supplement store offers fantastic customer service, and they often ship their product on the same day of the order or the following day. They do not have middlemen; however, they carry out their shipping from their warehouse that is 10,000 square feet.

To sign up for an affiliate program on my supplement store, you will have to sign up with Refersion who manage their affiliate program. Moreover, my supplement store program is available on various websites other than coupon code websites.

As an affiliate, you will have access to text links, banners as well as tracking tools. You can also create custom creative and carry out co-promotions that will help you grow as an affiliate.

Commission: 12%

Body Spartan

Body Spartan affiliate program

Body Spartan features a cutting-edge technology fitness program, supplements, and fitness tips that helps most individuals meet and even exceed their fitness target. Body Spartan elite membership consists of fitness tips, weekly videos, weekly conference calls, and recipes.

Body Spartan is among the fastest-growing bodybuilding affiliate programs in the United States with a fantastic conversion rate. Moreover, the average order value of Body Spartan is more than $80.

When it comes to managing their affiliate program, Body Spartan uses ShareASale. As an affiliate, you will have access to their high-quality banners, promotion incentives, bonuses, exclusive offers, and other essential information that will help you enhance your affiliate marketing skills.

Body Spartan is a fantastic bodybuilding affiliate program and is among the fastest-growing companies in the United States with an excellent conversion rate. You can apply for an affiliate program if you are determined to represent Body Spartan in the world of bodybuilding.

Commission: 10%

Cookie: 45-days

How To Make Money In The BodyBuilding Niche

Now that we’ve seen what affiliate programs are available, let’s see how you can get started in the bodybuilding niche so you too can start promoting the offers mentioned above.

You are going to need a website. That is a must for every affiliate marketer.

You may think starting a website is complicated, but believe me, it’s not as complicated as you may think. In fact, you can have a “bodybuilding website” up and running in an hour from now, and it will cost you very little.

I have a free guide (no sign-up required) showing you how I build my own simple affiliate websites that earn passive income here.

If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, I suggest you check it out.

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