HireWriters Review: The Best Content Writers For Your Affiliate Website?

At one point, I was running 16 different affiliate/content websites.

As you can imagine, keeping up with content wasn’t easy and I’ve tried many content writing services looking for that perfect one.

While there’s no such thing as “the perfect one”, I’ve come to enjoy working with HireWriters.com the most, and I’m sure you will too.

If you’ve been struggling to find and manage content writers for your affiliate website, this introduction and review of HireWriters should be enough to help you get started.

Here’s a TLDR summary of this review:

What You Need To Know About HireWriters $10+
  • Content Quality
  • Content Pricing
  • Writer Skills
  • Time Delivery

HireWriters Review TLDR Summary (My Experiences)

  • Skilled English-speaking writers ✔️
  • Low cost per word (see chart below) ✔️
  • Super fast delivery (so far) ✔️
  • The platform looks outdated ✖️

hirewriters review

What is HireWriters?

hirewriters review

HireWriter is a website where you can buy (or sell) content writing services. Of course, the angle I’m talking with this review is for the “buying content” part.

(If you’d like to learn more about working with HireWriters, you can check the linked guide).

I got introduced to HireWriters by a fellow affiliate marketer (Ryan from NicheFacts.com).

Since discovering it, I’ve been steadily buying up content from the website, and so far – it has been working exactly as I had hoped for.

How To Get Started Wirth HireWriters

To start ordering content from HireWriters.com, you first need to create your account.

Once you’ve created your account, you can order content by selecting the “Order Content” tab in the main menu, which will open a screen that looks something like this:

hiring writers for your affiliate website

As you can see from the image above, there are a few options that are self-explanatory so I won’t go into much detail here, but I will tell you about the different pricing tiers for each “writer skill level” and how much it will cost you to hire a writer with your desired skills:

HireWriters Pricing Tiers

chart showing the different prices for content from HireWriters

The above is the *minimum you can expect to pay for each article you want, depending on the skill level of the writers you’d like and also how many words you order.

I order skilled writers for 1000-2000 words (usually ending up somewhere between ~1500 words) and so far, these few writers I have found are the best I’ve ever worked with, and for just $14.40 per article, it’s a damn good deal to me.

Note how I said “the minimum you can expect to pay”. This is because you can mark it as more and hence you attract slightly better writers. I am using the $14.40 deal, but mark it as $15 to round it all up.

How To Order Content From HireWriters?

Once you’re on the “Order Content” screen (pictured above), you then need to fill out the:

  • Project description
  • Article category
  • Language
  • Time limit
  • Article quality, tone & keywords
  • Special instructions

Once you have filled out all the settings, the price you need to pay will be shown at the bottom and the next thing you need to do is “Submit Job”.

NB: If you don’t have any funds in your account, you will be asked to top up. You can deposit money to HireWriters via:

  • PayPal
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • An alternative payment method
  • Cryptocurrencies (which I think is cool)

how to use hirewriters for affiliate marketing

After a few days (or in some cases, even just a few hours) you will get notified that your article has been delivered. You will get notified of this via email.

Once you log into HireWriters.com, you will find the article waiting for your approval inside the “Download Content” tab shown here:

how to get started with hirewritersFrom here, you can read the article and then approve or disapprove it.

If you’re satisfied, approve it and download the text files to your computer and then go ahead and publish it when you’re ready on your affiliate website. If you need some changes, just use the reject option and explain the changes you’d like to see to your content writer.

What happens from there on I’m not so sure as I’ve never rejected an article, but I assume the writer will do the fixes required and submit it back to you.

Once your first order is complete, you can then choose to order more content using the “order content” option as explained above.

NB: You don’t need to create a project for every article. You can order more than one article with one project.

Should You Use HireWriters?

thumbs up

In my opinion, HireWriters is worth trying out.

You won’t be getting any award-winning journalism done through this platform, but for simple affiliate niche websites, I think this is by far the best option there is to get some great content for cheap.

Of course, you should never aim to be “cheap” with your content since that’s what will be getting you visitors and sales.

Still, you also don’t want to be spending $50+ for a 100o words article, especially if, like me, you have a heavy publishing load (on some of my niche websites, I publish every single day).

If you currently have an affiliate website, give HireWriters a try. Just try out a simple 1000 words post using a skilled writer (which will cost you just $10.90) and see if you like what you get back.

If you do, you know you have access to some decent writers and can hopefully start scaling up the content production on your website.

A Few Tips For Buying Content

Next, I will share with you some links to articles I have ordered from HireWriters.com.

Before we do that, though, I also want to share with you a few tips on ordering content (and this goes for any freelance writing service you use, not just HireWriters.com).

✔️ Keep it Listy

The best type of content I’ve received using HireWriters (and even other content websites) are list articles, for example:

  • 10 Ways to Do ______
  • 15 Affiliate Programs That _____
  • 10 Fitness Watches For _____

This type of content is much easier to write and you’d far less likely be disappointed with the work you receive.

✔️ Don’t Ask For Opinion Pieces

Continuing from the above point, it’s best to avoid ordering “opinion pieces” as you may not like the writer’s opinion about the topic.

This has been so far my biggest challenge with ordering content. Instead of fighting it, I’ve chosen to avoid ordering such content for my website altogether.

✔️ Exclude Introduction/Conclusion

I also tell my writers NOT to write the introduction or conclusion for the post. The reasons for this are:

  • I need to make the introduction as attractive as possible to the reader.
  • I want to make sure the introduction has the keywords I want to rank for.
  • I want to make the “call to action” at the end of the post myself.
  • I want the writer to just focus on the research and not fluff the article up.

This is just my method, and one I am sure will continue to change and update as my needs change. However, I can tell you that with this method, my experiences with HireWriters.com have been fantastic!

✔️ Don’t Keep Looking For Writers

Once you find a good writer on the platform (which will happen, but it may take some fails first), hold on to that writer.

It’s useless to try and find better writers when the one(s) you have are already delivering work you’re satisfied with. I now have three writers I work with on HireWriters and I just send them my content and they know already how I’d like it to be and how to format it to my needs.

Having to teach a new writer with every new project is not something I want to be doing.

Some of my published HireWriter examples:

As promised, here are some of the articles I have ordered for this website from HireWriters.com.

Just keep in mind the introduction/conclusion was written by me and these are all from one writer (if you don’t like the style of writing, you have 1000s more available for you on HireWriters).

Struggling To Make Money With Your Affiliate Website?

So there you have it:

A quick overview of HireWriters, how it works, how to get content, and my experiences using it (so far).

Having great content without overpaying for it (especially if you’re just getting started) is very, very important, which is why I’ve decided to publish this HireWriters review, as I know many would want to know about it.

Content is one pillar of a great affiliate website (and yes, it’s a very important pillar), but that’s not all you need.

If you’ve been struggling to get started with affiliate marketing, consider joining this free 10-day affiliate marketing training course.

It’s the same training I have used to get started and thanks to what I learned there, I now enjoy a full-time income online from my passive-income-generating affiliate assets.

As for HireWriters, I hope this review served you well and I wish you all the best using the platform. You can use this link here to create an account and start ordering content.