16 Home Decor Affiliate Programs (With Superb Commissions)

Monetizing your blog with affiliate marketing has always been one of the best ways to earn an income.

If you’re a home decor blogger, you’re in luck as interest in home decor is constant (and rising)! Today, we’re looking at some of the best home decor affiliate programs currently available.

Although it would be impossible to cover them all (since there are so many of them) the affiliate programs on this list are some of the highest paying ones you will find (with super fast payouts). With that said, here are…

The Best Home Decor Affiliate Programs (Reviewed Below)

home decor affiliate programs

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displate affiliate program

Displate is an online marketplace for both affiliates and artists who want to promote and sell original artwork online.

Interestingly enough, independent artists from all over the world are the ones who actually create the artwork, while Displate does the rest of the work. The artwork itself is printed onto thin metal sheets of steel and then sold as wall posters for people’s homes and offices.

It’s the company’s only product, so if you want to keep things simple or it’s your first time looking for an affiliate program, it’s a good one to try out.

Oh yeah. The commission is really high, too.

Why You Should Join Displate’s Affiliate Program:

Displate will give you one of the highest commissions offered by any affiliate program you’ll find on the internet.

Making 30% (or 40%) from your sales is definitely something to brag about. You’ll also have a huge treasure chest of over 100,000 artworks to promote, so you can attract just about any audience with your blog.

It’s genius thinking on their part, and yours, too, if you join their affiliate program.

Click here to learn more about the Displate affiliate program.

  • Commission: Up to 30% for affiliates. 40% for affiliated artists.
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Average Order Value: Over $100


matliving affiliate program

Mat Living is a global brand that sells in-fashion carpets and rugs around the world. It is the originality of their designs that make them stand out in the market.

For 79 years, it has been promoting weavers and artists known for crafting one-of-a-kind products while keeping with the trend.

Besides, the commission is considerably high for the quality of products.

Why should you join MATLIVING’S Affiliate Program?

Undoubtedly, the high commission should give you an incentive to join its affiliate program. Additionally, existence for 79 years is an epitome of trust that they have established.

You could see your dream of lucrative earning come live by making a 15-30% commission on sales. Note, you’ll have thousands of varieties to sell that you can certainly attract your audience for through you expertise on the internet.

  • Affiliate Program: Sign up here.
  • Commission rate: 15% to 30% depends on tier
  • Cookies length: 30 days
  • Average order value: $600-$800

RoomMates Decor

roommates decor affiliate program

RoomMates Decor is the biggest supplier of wall decals in North America.

They basically have the perfect solution for turning a boring white wall into something fun, imaginative, or elegant, depending on what your goal is. There’s a variety of products for sale, but one of the coolest items they offer are the peel and stick wallpapers.

Quite literally, you can cover an entire wall with amazing designs that will add many styles and complement any room in your home.

Another popular choice is the peel and stick tile backsplashes that enable you to decorate and completely transform the look of your kitchen and bathroom(s).

Because this company provides an inexpensive way to revamp the look of your home, there’s bound to be lots of buyers.

And the best part is…you can make more than the average 10% commission. Maybe even double that amount.

Why You Should Join RoomMates Decor’s Affiliate Program:

Young children, students, and many adults love these types of products, so RoomMates Decor has something for just about everyone.

If you have a blog that covers home improvement, cooking, crafts or DIY projects, RoomMates Decor provides you plenty of ammunition to help you monetize as an affiliate member.   

Click here to learn more about the RoomMates Decor affiliate program.

  • Commission: 14% standard. 20% when you sell over $3,000/month
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days
  • Average Order Value: N/A but prices range from $14 – $260

Canvas On Demand

canvas on demand affiliate program

Canvas On Demand will morph your digital photographs and turn them into gallery-quality canvas works of art for your home.

It’s an excellent way to display beautiful family pictures on your wall or bring more life to your Instagram photos.

Like similar types of businesses, Canvas On Demand gives you a range of canvas sizes to print your photos on.

However, customers can get extra value when they include the PixelPainting feature to their order so the photograph on the canvas appears as if it were delicately painted with the brushstrokes of an actual artist.

It’s all high-quality stuff they’re producing, including their affiliate program that gives you the advantage of having 2 months to make a sale from the moment someone clicks your affiliate link.

Why You Should Join Canvas On Demand’s Affiliate Program:

If you have a blog focused on parenting, being a mom, or one that’s centered around photography in general, the Canvas On Demand affiliate program is a good choice for you to earn some extra money.

The company’s pride is based on the high level of customer service they offer, so it’s nice to know that you’re not on your own after you sign up. They treat their affiliate members as welcomed partners.

Click here to learn more about the Canvas On Demand affiliate program.

  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • Average Order Value: Over $100

Southwestern Rugs Depot

Southwestern Rugs depot affiliate program

Southwestern Rugs Depot, as the name suggests, is your number one shop online for beautiful western, Native American, and southwestern style area rugs.

The fabric used is made of EnduraStran Nylon fibers, so the rugs are antimicrobial and in addition, they’re very difficult to catch on fire.

Customers also love that the rugs are easy to clean and have a long life of usage, given their commercial-grade durability rating. The rugs appear to be stain-resistant, too.

Overall, the products you can sell as an affiliate member with this company are all high quality, so the amount of customers who try to return these items will be close to zilch.

This usually means the money you’ll make as an affiliate is more predictable. If you’re down to sell some authentic themed rugs, the affiliate program offered by Southwestern Rugs Depot is a no-brainer.

Why You Should Join Southwestern Rugs Depot’s Affiliate Program:

If you’re an affiliate, you want the longest cookie duration that’s possible, especially when you’re promoting a product like rugs.

Why? Not all of them, but some customers will want to buy multiple rugs for different rooms of their home.

Having more sales like this is obviously a great aspect and benefit to being an affiliate. Here’s something else important to consider….

The style of rugs caters perfectly to certain niches.

If you have a travel blog or one centered around cabin lifestyle, hunting, skiing, camping, interior design, or even history, you can have success with Southwestern Rugs Depot’s affiliate program.

Click here to learn more about the Southwestern Rugs Depot affiliate program.

  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Average Order Value: $350

Home Snugs

home snugs affiliate program

Home Snugs sells just a few items, and their rugs deserve all the spotlight. They’re modern, chic, and very comfortable looking to set your bare feet on.

Because the style and look is so different than Southwestern-themed rugs, you can attract a totally different audience of buyers using Home Snug’s affiliate program. More than likely, this audience will be bigger, too, so you’ll have more chances to make a sale.

The rug prices are very affordable, too, so Home Snugs does a good job presenting a low barrier for customers to buy something from their online store.

Affiliate members can make a little bit of money, or a lot of it with Home Snugs. It really depends on what items you promote.

Why You Should Join Home Snug’s Affiliate Program:

Home Snugs has an unusual but attractive affiliate program. Unlike most companies, this one will reward you with a higher commission when you refer more people to their company.

For instance, you’ll begin making only 10% from sales, but as soon as you generate over 200 visits to the Home Snug store, you’ll start earning 17% commission.

Not too bad. In fact, depending on how successful you are as an affiliate, you’ll be categorized as a Basic, Plus, Premium, or Professional affiliate member.

Do you have what it takes to rise to the top of their affiliate ranking system?

Join their affiliate program to find out — and earn some money while you’re at it.

Click here to learn more about the Home Snugs affiliate program.

  • Commission: 10% – 17%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Average Order Value: N/A but prices range from $10 – $1,080

Sukhi Rugs

sukhi rugs affiliate program

Sukhi Rugs is truly a one-of-a-kind company that specializes in selling real ethnic rugs. Amazingly, no machines are used for production.

Every single rug sold is 100% handmade by a team of local artisans who reside in India, Nepal, Morocco, or Turkey. Because of this, all of the rugs are woven using traditional methods that are unique to each country’s region.

So basically, not only do customers get a nice canvas of fabric to decorate their floor, they get a product that showcases the history of the people who made the rug, too.

Everything about Sukhi Rugs is incredibly authentic. The rugs are even named after the actual person who created them — so customers feel extra good about purchasing one.

Since all artisans live in developing or third world countries, customers also take pride in knowing they’re giving these people an opportunity to make a fair wage.

It’s certainly a fantastic reason to join their affiliate program!

Why You Should Join Sukhi Rugs’ Affiliate Program:

Sukhi Rugs’ affiliate program is the perfect choice if you have a travel blog or one that’s dedicated to interior design. The rugs customers can buy cost hundreds of dollars, so generating good profits shouldn’t be an issue.

As an affiliate member, sure, you only earn 7% commission — but you’ll feel 100% satisfied with the partnership you have with Sukhi Rugs. Every sale you make is going to improve the life of someone less fortunate than you.

Trust me, knowing you’re partly responsible for helping someone live a better life is an amazing feeling, and you probably won’t get this opportunity with other companies.

That’s the best reason why you should join the Sukhi Rugs affiliate program.  

Click here to learn more about the Sukhi Rugs affiliate program.

  • Commission: 7%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Average Order Value: N/A but prices range from $200 – $600

Uncommon Goods

uncommon goods affiliate program

Uncommon Goods is an online retailer of unusual items and knick-knacks that’ll decorate your home (or office). It practically serves as a gift store for children, women, and men. To keep things exciting, the product line is random and extensive.

They constantly add new items to their shop, too, so you’ll never run out of interesting things to promote as an affiliate.

Uncommon Goods also makes it easy to find an appropriate product for your blog readers because some of the products on their website are categorized specifically as gifts for Dad, Mom, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, kids, etc.

Another bonus is that most of their products are difficult to find elsewhere, so because they’re rare, there’s a lot of special value hidden in just about every item sold.

Why You Should Join Uncommon Goods’ Affiliate Program:

It’s an online gift shop, so there are always people on the hunt for the types of products found at Uncommon Goods.

With holidays and birthdays happening year-round, it’s safe to say that affiliates will have some luck with this company. Several types of niche blogs can have success with them.

Click here to learn more about the Uncommon Goods affiliate program.

  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Average Order Value: N/A but prices range from $10 – $1150

Forage Candle

forage candle affiliate program

Forage Candle, as you probably guessed, is a candle shop. However, they offer customers much more value than the average candle.

For starters, the candles are organic so they burn cleaner and last up to 3X longer than other candles. These wonderful home accents also double as a body moisturizer.

Regardless, the 2-in-1 body lotion candles will surely add a pleasant scent to your home and create an ambiance that’s warm and inviting.

All of the products appear to be priced below $100 so if you’re an affiliate, this could be really good for your conversion rates.

Why You Should Join Forage Candle’s Affiliate Program:

Forage Candle offers a unique type of home decor product that provides customers a relaxing atmosphere and some amazing aromas to add to one’s living space.

Considering the products are all plant-based and certified as vegan, they tend to sell really well with audiences conscious about the environment.

It’s a huge market. If you have a lifestyle blog or one that features eco-friendly articles and themes, the affiliate program offered by Forage Candle is a great choice.

Click here to learn more about the Forage Candle affiliate program.

  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Average Order Value: N/A but prices range from $29 – $96

Saatchi Art

saatchi art affiliate program

Saatchi Art is a marketplace that boasts over 34,000 luxury artworks submitted from emerging artists worldwide.

The library of original art pieces they have on their website is astounding, especially the street art paintings and sculptures for sale. Interestingly, hardly any other affiliate programs allow you to make money from promoting art sculptures like Saatchi Art does.

This is a good thing if you’re an affiliate because there’s not much competition for selling sculptures.

Here’s another good thing: the price tags on these items are all insanely high, but hey — that’s the price of fine art. And lots of people are willing to pay you for it.

Why You Should Join Saatchi Art’s Affiliate Program:

The average order value is over $1000, so just a handful of sales can make you some very lucrative profits.

If you have an interior design blog or you know the visitors to your blog have artsy personalities or simply big wallets, then by all means, try out Saatchi Art’s affiliate program. They’re one-of-a-kind.

Click here to learn more about the Saatchi Art affiliate program.

  • Commission: 4% – 13%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Average Order Value: Over $1,000

So Well

so well salt lamps affiliate program

So Well provides natural Himalayan salt lamps. Not only do they possess a ton of health benefits backed by science, they’re also beautiful decorations for your home.

Each salt lamp is carved by hand and excavated from the Himalayan Mountains by local artisans in Pakistan, hence, customers always receive a product that’s 100% unique to display in their home.

When the lamps are turned on, the amber-colored salt crystals produce warm, orange-yellow hues of light that’ll make you or any houseguest feel welcomed and relaxed.

The company, So Well, also offers a few rare greys and white-colored Himalayan lamps, too. So if you’re an affiliate, you won’t be limited to just one type of product.

They also come in different shapes and molds, so the range of lamps you can promote and sell are more bountiful than one might originally think.

The commission you can earn with this home decor affiliate program is quite average. However, you can earn even more money if you’re a blogger.

Keep reading below to find out how.

Why You Should Join So Well’s Affiliate Program:

Himalayan salt lamps are an awesome niche product you’ll feel proud to promote in your home decor blog. However, if your blog doesn’t revolve around interior design, you shouldn’t panic or shy away from joining So Well’s affiliate program.

As mentioned, the exotic lamps have lots and lots of health benefits. For example, you could easily promote the lamps in your blog if you want to write about topics that help people improve their immune system or skincare.

The special lamps also help people battle asthma, attention deficit disorders, and depression, too — so there’s a lot of opportunity for affiliates to cash in.

There’s also room to make some extra money as a writer, so if you’re a blogger, you should probably check them out.

Not only will you earn an 11% commission on every affiliated sale,  but you’ll also earn $15 for every article you write about So Well’s lamp products.

How cool is that?

Essentially, this is one of the only affiliate programs that will actually pay you to write about their brand and products — so you can get paid even if you don’t make a sale.

Click here to learn more about the So Well affiliate program.

  • Commission: 11%
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Average Order Value: N/A but prices range from $20 – $500


heng balance lamp affiliate program

Heng is a fairly new brand of lamps with a simple design and a unique twist — you turn them on and off with a magnetic mid-air light switch. There are no other lamps like these. It’s no wonder it won the German red dot award in 2016 for best design.

In addition to the non-traditional light switch, customers appreciate the LED lighting and the fact that every lamp is made of solid wood.

Currently, the Heng Balance Lamp comes in three different colors and one with a brown wooden finish.

Overall, they’re really cool lamps with a popular minimalist look and feel. If you’re an affiliate who’s looking to promote a product that will impress your blog visitors, there’s no better choice than a Heng Balance Lamp.

Why You Should Join Heng’s Affiliate Program:

The Heng affiliate program is an attractive one to join for several reasons.

The product is new, it’s hip and it offers something a little different than what most people have come to expect from purchasing a lamp. But perhaps the best reason to become a Heng affiliate is the price point.

It’s perfectly situated between 50 and 100 bucks — a price that most people can afford without breaking their bank account. So you shouldn’t be surprised if you make lots of affiliated sales with this brand of lamps.

To have the most success with Heng, you probably need a home decor blog or one that’s centered around a minimalist lifestyle.

However, if your blog is known for featuring new tech or gadgets, you’ll likely find some luck there, too.

Click here to learn more about the Lumens affiliate program.

  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Average Order Value: N/A but prices range from $70 – $75


lumens affiliate program

Lumens is a contemporary and classic home decor store with a huge focus on lamps and other lighting products.

The majority of the lamps have unique, sophisticated designs that’ll make anyone say “wow.”

The monorail light fixtures are also a popular choice as they can totally transform the look of any kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

If that’s not enough, Lumens offer a huge selection of other products, too, including lights that’ll decorate one’s ceilings, walls, floors, tables, home exteriors, and even landscapes.

As you can probably now tell, there’s plenty of ways that light and light fixtures can enhance the look of a home.

So if you’re an affiliate, this means you have multiple ways to promote Lumens and make some affiliated sales.

Why You Should Join Lumen’s Affiliate Program:

Lumen’s has a great affiliate program because their average order value is extremely high — $750!

It makes sense when you consider that most people want all of the lights in their home to match.

So there’s a very strong chance that when you’re selling lights with Lumens, you’ll make some serious bank. Another reason to consider Lumen’s affiliate program is the fact that their products are very versatile.

If you have a home and garden blog or one that’s centered around interior design, you can easily find appropriate ways to promote Lumens’ lights.

Home improvement and DIY blogs are also perfect landing spots.

Click here to learn more about the Lumens affiliate program.

  • Commission: 8%
  • Cookie Duration: N/A
  • Average Order Value: $750

Pillow Decor

pillow decor affiliate program

Pillow Decor is an online retailer and wholesaler of designer pillows. They carry about 2,000 unique products, so it’s safe to say they hold one of the keys to comfort.

Although they boast a wide selection, customers can quickly find what they’re looking for in a pillow. The products are neatly categorized by color, patterns, themes, sizes, fabrics, and more.

The easy navigation inside their website and online catalog make it even easier for customers to buy. The best part is, when most people shop for pillows, they’re likely going to buy more than one at a time.

So you shouldn’t be surprised when you earn good or even great pay with Pillow Decor. As a huge bonus, the company has excellent support staff willing to help you get set up.

Why You Should Join Pillow Decor’s Affiliate Program:

Although the average order value of a consumer is $120, Pillow Decor has found another way for affiliates to earn money through their program.

You can sell pillows to businesses instead. According to their website, the average wholesale order value is $900.

This presents an opportunity for you to make high ticket sales as an affiliate with your blog, especially one that’s about interior design.

However, if you have a blog about sleep, relaxation, meditation, home-living, or lifestyle, then Pillow Decor’s affiliate program may still be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Click here to learn more about the Pillow Decor affiliate program.

  • Commission: 5%
  • Cookie Duration: N/A
  • Average Order Value: $120 with consumers, $900 with wholesale


Purple affiliate program

Purple is known as a mattress company, but they rightfully describe themselves as “the world’s first comfort tech company backed by science.”

The company has evolved over the years and now includes various products like pillows, seat cushions, bedsheets, and pet beds.

They also have a new product that makes your bed adjustable (it massages you to sleep, too).

Since many people are becoming more aware how much sleep affects their life, there’s a lot of buyers for these types of products. Plus, everyone wants to sleep comfortably.

As you probably know, it all starts with getting a great mattress. Luckily for Purple affiliates, customers aren’t afraid to shell out the big bucks to finally get a good night’s rest.

Why You Should Join Purple’s Affiliate Program:

Purple has commercials on national television, YouTube, and probably a few other places. Some of their ads are also pretty funny. In fact, a lot of consumers have already heard about the company.

Because they’re a widely recognized brand and people trust them, it’s a lot easier for people to say “yes” to buying their products when you promote them on your blog.

If you’re a Purple affiliate member, this is a big advantage and could help you rack up sales more easily than you could with other brands.

The aspect of familiarity goes a long way — all the way to the bank.

You can expect average order values to be well over $1000 with Purple, so your affiliate payouts will be big, too.

Click here to learn more about the Saatchi Art affiliate program.

  • Commission: 6%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Average Order Value: N/A but prices range from $99 – $1,800


eightsleep affiliate program

EightSleep is another mattress company that uses technology to give people better sleep. However, they also have an array of products that’ll take you beyond a comfortable bed.

EightSleep beds can actually give you the knowledge you need to improve your sleeping over time. Amazingly, some of their mattresses have sensors installed that report your sleeping patterns and biological activities like your heart rate and respiratory rate.

Another interesting product they provide are some eyeglasses that block the blue light waves that are guilty for disturbing your circadian rhythm. All in all, they have some neat products that’ll help customers catch better Zzz’s.

So if you’re an affiliate, without a doubt, you’ll have some cool items to promote and sell. An added bonus is that they’re all high ticket sales.

You really can’t go wrong joining their affiliate program, especially if you have a blog about lifestyle, home-living, home automation, or technology.

Why You Should Join EightSleep’s Affiliate Program:

Unlike Purple, EightSleep’s affiliate program offers an incredibly long referral or cookie duration — 90 days is almost unheard of!

This is a great move by the company because expensive items like mattresses tend to scare people away from buying right away.

Most people need some time to save money or plan for these types of big expenses. By giving people a full 3 months to make a purchase, you greatly increase your chances of making money from an affiliate sale.

Not only do they have smart mattresses, but they also have a smart affiliate program, too.

Click here to learn more about the EightSleep affiliate program.

  • Commission: 6%
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Average Order Value: Over $1000

How To Make Money Promoting Home Decor Affiliate Programs

If you’re still blog-less, you should know that to do affiliate marketing successfully, you’re going to need to have one.

While I’m sure that sounds like a complicated process if you’re just getting started, it’s actually quite simple.

I have a guide showing you my method for building simple affiliate websites that make money.

I’ve used this strategy in the home decor niche myself so I can assure you, it works. Be sure to check it out before you go.

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