TripAdvisor Affiliate Program Review (What You Need To Know)

I’ve been on a binge lately reviewing plenty of travel-related affiliate programs (you will find all my previous posts listed below).

Today, I want to take it a step further and share with you my thoughts on the TripAdvisor affiliate program.

While the travel niche can be one brutally competitive arena, the giants of the industry make up for the uphill battle with some decent commission rates and a solid-brand name.

Before we get into the finer details of what you can expect from TripAdvisor (as an affiliate), let’s first take a look at the TLDR summary:

Can You Make Money With The TripAdvisor Affiliate Program? 50%+ commissions
  • Brand Name
  • Target Audience Size
  • Commission Rate
  • Reported Conversion Rate

TripAdvisor Affiliate Program TLDR Summary

  • A worldwide trusted brand ✔️
  • Huge audience size (online booking is huge) ✔️
  • Very good commission rates ✔️
  • Easy to get started (great for beginners) ✔️
  • The travel niche is brutally competitive ✖️

What Is The TripAdvisor Affiliate Program?

tripadvisor affiliate program review

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TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel website, acting as a terminal that allows you to access hundreds of travel sites around the world in order to secure the best deal.

TripAdvisor is spread out over 49 separate websites in 49 countries (or markets) across the globe.   

On average, over 455 million unique visitors visit these websites monthly. 

TripAdvisor has over 600 million reviews on all their travel listings, the largest selection of travel listings worldwide. Travelers benefit from the opinions of others who have visited destinations before them. 

TripAdvisor helps travelers make the best decision on their travel plans, where to stay, what to do, where to eat, which airline to choose and which car rental company to pick.

TripAdvisor’s Affiliate Program is available through Commission Junction (CJ Affiliates).   

You can join the Affiliate Program once you’ve joined CJ Affiliate Network as a Publisher (more details below).

By joining the Affiliate Program, you get to earn in the exact same way TripAdvisor earns – every time a customer clicks on a link, banner or ad on your site that takes them to a TripAdvisor partner site (this is called a click-out, you earn a commission).

What Can Your Promote As An Affiliate?

We struggled to confirm exactly what you can promote as an Affiliate as the program details on the CJ Affiliate platform are a bit ambiguous. 

Some reviews we’ve researched state that TripAdvisor’s Affiliate Program pays out only on confirmed Hotel stays.

However, this appears to only apply to the InstantBook Commission Structure. Please see the details in the section below.  

If we are reading their commission plan correctly, you can earn commission on clicks to any advert or commercial partner on TripAdvisor’s website.  (Commerce Campaign Commission Structure).

So that would mean Affiliates can promote all their offerings:

✔️ Hotels

TripAdvisor compares the prices of over 200 hotel booking sites and over 500,000 hotels to ensure travelers get the best deal.  Customers save 30% on average on their hotel bookings by making use of TripAdvisor. 

✔️ Things to Do

If you’re looking for the best excursions (tours, day trips, activities, attractions), transport options, shopping centers, and even classes to take once you’ve reached your destination, TripAdvisor has you covered.

✔️ Restaurants

With over 4.3 million restaurants listed on their websites and hundreds of reviews about each eatery, you will never run out of marvelous places to eat when you’re traveling.

✔️ Flights