How To Build Amazon Niche Websites

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time on Twitter sharing my experiences with affiliate marketing, SEO and building Amazon niche websites.

Listening to the feedback, it’s clear that very few actually understand what niche websites are and why I value them so much, as opposed to more generic, broad-market websites.

This guide will show you how to build an Amazon niche website. Why Amazon? Because (if you haven’t realised already), Amazon has an incredibly vast product range that you can leverage to build your affiliate marketing business.

Whenever I am researching a new niche website, is my go-to source to confirm the idea and to see if there are products that would be profitable for me to sell.

This guide will show you what I mean with that and how I do it, but first…

What Is An Amazon Niche Site?

amazon niche websites

Building an Amazon niche website means building your own website where you promote different specific products from the Amazon marketplace.

One niche-site I’ve been building this past couple of months (and already earning from) is a simple website doing reviews of portable air conditioners.

Sounds weird right? Well, yes it is but that is what makes “niche websites” so incredibly valuable – the lack of competition.

Keep this in mind for the remainder of this post: “the riches are in the niches“.

How To Build An Amazon Niche Website

Ok, let’s get into the meat of this guide and start talking about how to actually get started with an Amazon niche website.

It starts with…

Picking Your Niche

Amazon niche sites are sites created with the sole purpose of selling Amazon products by providing information on a topic with a clear product attached to it.

But how do you know which niche you should be in? Ask yourself these 4 questions:

#1: What do you like?
#2: What are you currently learning about?
#3: What topic do you know more about than the average person?

and finally…

#4: Is there a product that can be tied to this niche?

Any topic that comes to mind by answering the first 3 questions + a “yes” for the fourth one is the perfect niche for you.

Let’s say, you’re currently building a garden shed for your home.

A website discussing the different types of garden sheds, what you need, what permits are required, etc etc is what you now need to create.

Garden Sheds Review Site

Alternatively, if you want to do this on “scale’ and build up multiple Amazon niche sites, you can also hire content writers to write the articles for you.

This would allow you to target niches that you may not necessarily be interested in but would be profitable.


If you are still a beginner at this and you’re building your very first niche website, then I would seriously encourage you to do all the work yourself first.

Before you start looking into outsourcing your work, it’s always best to first learn yourself how things need to be done. If you don’t know what you are looking for in a content writer, finding and hiring one will hinder you more than it would help.

Some examples Amazon niche sites you can build:

– Smart Home Appliances
– Ice makers
– Baby Monitors
– Lawn Mower Reviews
– Outdoor Heating

These are just examples I came up with while literally writing this post but I can tell you already that these products would not be cheap (you always want to go for $100+) and also, it’s highly likely people will be looking for information about online.

Now while I believe every niche can make money, there are some which would be harder than others…

Bad examples of Amazon niche websites (& why):

– Books
– Keychains
– Smartphone covers
– Kitchen novelty items

While these sure sell well online, especially with the drop shipping route, these are not things that people would be looking for information on before they buy.

Also, they are not that expensive meaning even if you do manage to get an audience for them, you won’t be earning much.

You are in the business of information (not products) so always look for items people are likely to look for information about online before they buy.

Building Your Amazon Niche Website

Of course, you are going to need a website. I’m sure you figured that out by now.

Next, you are going to need a domain name and hosting.

I get free hosting through my membership in Wealthy Affiliate, but you can get a hosting package from BlueHost for about $5 a month I believe.

Don’t get too fancy with your website. Use WordPress (always), and install a clean, simple looking theme.

Black text on white background and a sidebar is all you really need. Don’t add too many bells and whistles to your site, at least not when starting out.

You are going to want to keep the site as clean looking as it can be as any fancy stuff happening will take away the attention off the content, which is where you want your user focused.

How To Get Traffic To An Amazon Niche Site

my niche traffic
This is the traffic graph of my own Amazon niche website achieved with the tactics I am about to share with you now.

Once you have your niche website set up and ready to go, you are going to need to get traffic to it.

Taking the time to learn and then building out a website will all be in vain if you do not learn how to drive targetted traffic to your content.

Note the emphasis on “targetted”

With a niche site like I have (portable air conditioners reviews), I can safely assume that nobody is looking at portable air conditioners reviews just for fun.

I may not convert all of them into buying, but I’ll bet my last dollar that whoever is reading is seriously considering buying one.

That is where SEO comes into play as with a bit of assistance from my favourite keyword tool, I can immediately figure out what information people are looking.

The tool I am talking about is

This site is a goldmine and a well-guarded secret by many doing Amazon niche websites as it works best the less people use it (and take ideas from it).

Here’s how it works…

By simply entering the niche I am considering, it gives me all that I need to know as to what people are “asking” on Google:

answer the public keyword tool

Note that there’s no “competition metrics” or “keyword search volume” (monthly traffic), but I really don’t care about that and you shouldn’t either.

Your job now, (the hard part), is to write content (or hire a writer) to answer some of the questions the tool suggests.

This is how you will get traffic.

The posts you will write will give you the fuel you need to move towards the second part of the process, and that is creating reviews and comparison posts.

How To Sell Amazon Products

review comparison site amazon

I use two type of review posts to help me make money, and they are:

Product reviews:

You need to spend time reviewing the products you will be promoting.

Do you have to buy them? Not really, no affiliate marketer is buying up every portable AC on Amazon and doing reviews on them first hand.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide how you can provide detailed reviews of the products you want to promote, but whatever you do, make sure you have them there.

How to use reviews to make money:

Let’s say you have a post explaining “the quietest portable air conditioners on the market“.

In that post, you will be mentioning different models and that is where having a review of each of those models would come in handy.

When talking about high ticket items, I recommend you link to your review instead of directly to Amazon as people that are going to spend $600 on an AC might require some further convincing first.

The other way you can monetize is by doing product comparisons.

Comparison reviews:

Portable AC X vs Portable AC Y: Which Is More Eco-Friendly?

Anybody reading that post has surely done their research already. They know which one they like and they have probably made their decision.

Your job now is to confirm to them that they are making the right choice and that their hard-earned money would be spent well.

How To Convince Readers To Buy

Now that you have a steady audience ready to pull out their credit cards, you need to figure out how to get them make that final decision to purchase and earn your commissions.

It would be advisable to start learning about sales here.

I have recently discovered this whole phenomenon and I have been including tips I learned in my reviews with great results.

One way I found that seems to be working well is addressing all the reasons a person may not want to buy.

With my portable AC website, I try to answer everything in my reviews:

  • How long does it take to ship?
  • How to contact support?
  • How to set it up?
  • Does it require installation?
  • How much power does it use?
  • How much would it cost to run?
  • and every other thing I can think of.

As we said, the person reading your content is with his card in hands ready to make the purchase, don’t lose them because they go someplace else to look for that one answer.

(Quick Tip On Using Affiliate Links)

This is not a must, but I am going to tell you how I do it:

Before I start seeing at least 50 to 100 visitors a day, I will not use any Amazon affiliate links whatsoever.

This is my own superstition but I don’t like littering my site with too many affiliate links as I don’t want to make it too obvious that it’s an affiliate site.

I want Google to see me as a source of information, not an affiliate page so I often yes, miss out on potential earnings, but considering it may help me rank higher and quicker, it’s a risk I am willing to take.

How Much Money Can You Make With A Niche Website?

how to make money with amazon niche sites

This is a tough question to ask and honestly, any answer that I will give you would be an assumption based on absolutely nothing.

I don’t know what niche you will pick, I don’t know how much the products are and I don’t know how well you’ll be able to execute the content strategies mentioned above.

However, just for the sake of it, let’s just take an example of what I think you can expect from 500 people a day visiting your website:

With a conversion rate of 1% – which is low (more like 2-3% on average) you are looking at 5 sales a day.

A $100 product (which is the minimum you should go for when starting a niche site) with a 6% commission rate from Amazon will net you $6 per purchase.

500 people, $100 product, 1%, conversion rate, $6 off each sale, $30 a day, $900 dollars a month.

Again, basic example but probably the closest estimation to the minimum you can expect.

A $900 per month income, (at its most conservative estimation) is a very realistic number to hit with an Amazon niche website.

Tweak at it some more for conversions, get more traffic, learn better sales techniques and that $900 per month site can easily become a $2,000 per month site.

How Long Before You Start Making Money?

The above process may sound a bit complicated and complex, but what you are looking at is around 1 month worth of work to set up the complete site.

Around the 6 month line, you will start seeing some big spikes in traffic and you will start making money, but your “work” with the site would have been completed a long time ago.

The question here is:

Are you willing to do 30-days worth of work, wait 6 months, then earn a passive income for many more months to come?

How To Start With The Amazon Associate Program Associates

To get Amazon to credit you for the sales you send them, you are going to need to join their Amazon Associates program.

As previously advised, I wouldn’t recommend you join before you have a site up and tunning, but rather when you are ready to start monetizing.

They are going to review your site as well so it’s best if you have an established site up and ready that shows you can be trusted.

Once you are ready to become an Amazon associate, you can join them here.

How To Make An Amazon Niche Website Successful

While I can guarantee that the above process works, I can not guarantee that you will be successful with your niche sites. There are just too many variables for me to give that guarantee.

However, I can share with you a few parting tips in order to help you achieve your mission:

Pick A Niche That Makes Money

As I said, you should only promote products that are at the very least $100 each. The Amazon commission rate is not high – typical in the physical goods industry – so anything under $100 won’t be worth going after.

You might still earn money, but why would you go that route if there are literally millions of products on there that can earn you a bigger paycheck?

Remeber; selling a $1000 product is harder than selling a $10 product, but it’s not 100X harder.

Give It Its Due Time

Niche sites can get you ranked, indexed and receiving customers faster than building an authority website can, but when I say fast, I do mean months not minutes.

As a general rule, I do not expect to see any results worth getting excited with my niche sites till it’s at least 6 months in.

However, as explained above, once you set it up right, it would not take much work to keep it running after the initial set up.

All that is really required once you’ve established your audience and site content is to just keep dripping content on there twice a month or so.

At that level, you can afford to pay a content writer for the job and you just collect commissions.

Learn Sales To Better Convert Your Traffic

As I mentioned, I’m currently learning this myself and I am currently going into my top posts and testing a few different sales strategies in order to convert more of my traffic.

Learn about sales and what makes a reader buy. Your job is to simply convince the reader they are making the right choice (since they’re already looking to buy).

Just learning that could mean making money in a month vs making money in a year. Powerful stuff.

Start Learning About Niche Websites

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

Niche sites sound complicated? 

I know that if you’ve just stumbled on this as a complete beginner, it can seem complicated and way too much work, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are things I had to leave out of this guide to avoid keeping you here for too long.

What you need, is a roadmap. A detailed guide (ideally with video) on how to go do all I’ve just explained in 10 days or less.

Since you made it this far, I’m going to assume that you are serious about learning niche affiliate marketing and about building your Amazon niche website.

If I’m right about you, then I would like to personally invite you to join this free training course and get a proper training structure and guide to work with and follow.

While I can not promise you easy riches with this course, I do believe you it will give you the best chance at mastering affiliate marketing and the freedom it brings.

I’m inside ready to welcome you. just follow this link for instant access (just fill out your email) and you’ll be hearing from me soon.

Let’s make it happen.

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  1. Thank you so much for creating this site which i have now book marked. I plan in the next few months to start an amazon affiliate website and the advice and information you offer is world class.

    I just loved the breakdown of earnings from simple $6 commissions.I find that most people concentrate on earning $100 commissions rather than lots of smaller amounts.

    It is not very often that i do not ask a question but your site leaves no question unanswered.

    • I am very happy to hear that Wayne. Glad I could be of service to you. I wish you all the best with your new niche site. 

  2. Hey! Loved this article. I am planning on creating an Amazon affiliate website and the information that has been mentioned here would be of a ton of help. I was hesitant on starting earlier as I was confused about the commissions. But, smaller commissions do of course contribute to a bigger amount. Thanks so much.

  3. Hi there Chris,

    H@ly cow bro!, this is a great lesson on not just amazon niche site building but on building niche sites in general.
    This is definitely getting bookmarked for reading again!.

    I totally agree with you that there is little point in adding affiliate links early on in a new sites creation. I tend to wait at least a year until I add them allowing sufficient time for my site to mature in the search engines, and gain a greater domain authority – which is more valuable than the early sales that I would generate. It is a trade off, kinda trading a greater DA but missing out on some sales.

    • Agreed 100%. 

      I prefer the initial few months to be all about authority building and trust, we can always monetise later. + There won’t be much traffic coming in so not much would be lost (if any).

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving this comment. Much appreciated. 


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