5 Health Affiliate Programs With Excellent Commissions

As an affiliate marketer, you probably recognize the health and wealth niches (and all the sub-niches within them) are mega money makers.

Today, we’re taking a look at some of the best health-related affiliate programs currently available.

Of course, there are plenty more affiliate programs to choose from, but I chose these 5 based on a few advantages, such as a long cookie life and worth-the-effort commission rates.

If you’re interested, I also have a roundup list of health supplement affiliate programs and another one for fitness-related affiliate programs.

If you’re a fitness, health, or perhaps a food blogger/webmaster, I am sure you will find the perfect affiliate program for you down below.:

5 Top-Rated Health Affiliate Programs (w/Commissions)

the best health affiliate programs

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Market Health Affiliate Program

MarketHealth Affiliate Program Review

Market Health is one of the best health affiliate programs out there due to several factors that we will cover in detail in this review.

Market Health offers several health products, including skincare products, teeth whitening products, men’s health products, weight loss products, and sports nutrition, etc.

What Can You Sell?

As the name would suggest, Market Health is geared towards health-related products, and a majority of these are in the skincare, weight loss, and sports nutrition categories.

Market Health Commission Rate – 50% of the cost per action or lead

Market Health offers good commissions which generally range around 50% and for successful affiliates, they also offer even higher commissions of around 60%.

✔️ Benefits:

  • A 30-day cookie which is quite long as compared with other affiliate programs such as Amazon.
  • Market Health pays twice in a month, on the 1st and 16th of a month with a low minimum payout threshold of $20.
  • You can get paid via several payment methods such as a Check, PayPal, Bank Wire, and Payoneer.
  • 100s of health products to promote.

✖️ Disadvantages:

  • Some affiliates have complained of not being paid on time or payments getting delayed.
  • Market Health uses Cost Per Action, Cost Per Sales, or Cost Per Lead and as such, there is no opportunity for recurring income for each sale.

Who can use the Market Health Affiliate Program?

Anyone except merchants can use Market Health as they accept affiliates from most countries.

SellHealth Affiliate Program

SellHealth Affiliate Program review

SellHealth is perhaps among the most popular health affiliate programs as it’s been around for a long time. It was launched in 2002 and has made a name for itself in the health niche.

What Can You Sell?

Sell Health offers several products in the following categories: Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Sexual Health, Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, Skin Care, and Hair Products.

Sell Health Commission Rate- 30 to 50% per sale

Sell Health offers a generous commission rate of 30% for their new members, which rises to 40% and then to 50% depending on the number of sales generated by an affiliate daily.

✔️ Benefits:

  • 100s of products to choose from.
  • Accurate real-time sales statistics.
  • Get credit for up-sells and exit pop-up sales.
  • High commissions of up to 50%.
  • Get Paid via Check, Wire, PayPal, and ACH.

✖️ Disadvantages:

  • Some affiliate marketers have complained about the low quality of support as it may take several days for your affiliate manager to reply to your email.

Who can use the Sell Health Affiliate Program?

The SellHealth network is open to members from all countries.

MoreNiche Affiliate Program

MoreNiche Affiliate Network review

MoreNiche is another highly respected health affiliate program on our list. It offers several products in the beauty, bodybuilding, weight loss, and health categories.

What Can You Sell?

There are several products to choose from which primarily cater to weight loss, sleep, male enhancement, and weight loss niches.

MoreNiche Commission Rate – 30 % to 80%

MoreNiche offers affiliates a generous commission that ranges from 30-80% for most products and has some even better features such as chargeback protection which protects you in case of a chargeback.

✔️ Benefits:

  • Several popular products to choose from.
  • Lifetime cookies that compare well with 30-day cookies offered by most other health affiliate networks.
  • Get paid twice in a month via Skrill, Payoneer, Wire, Bitcoin, Paxum, and UK bank transfer.
  • Multilingual support in Spanish, English, Italian, German, and French.

✖️ Disadvantages:

  • Several members have complained of being banned abruptly from this network, and some have also reported payments being delayed.

Who Can Use The MoreNiche Affiliate Program?

Almost anyone from any country can sign up for MoreNiche as this program accepts affiliates from all countries in the world.

India Herbs Affiliate Program

India Herbs Affiliate Program review

India Herbs is one of the few affiliate programs which offer Ayurveda or traditional Indian Medicine based health products.

Ayurveda uses herbal medicines and has been in continuous use in India for last 5,000 years.

What Can You Sell?

India Herbs offers several herbal products for the following niches: blood circulation, memory & concentration, joint rejuvenation, immune support, sexual health, and weight loss.

Sell Health Commission Rate – 40%

India Herbs is a two-tier affiliate network, which means that you get a commission of 40% on all direct sales made by you, plus a 10% commission on sales generated by your referrals website.

✔️ Benefits:

  • Lifetime cookies.
  • One of the largest herbal affiliate networks and probably the largest ayurvedic products affiliate network out there.
  • Detailed real-time stats covering, unique clicks, sales, earnings, raw clicks,
  • Get paid monthly with no minimum payout limit.

✖️ Disadvantages:

  • Few payment options to choose from as payments are paid via checks and no online method such as PayPal is supported.

Who Can Use the Sell Health Affiliate Program?

India Herbs is open to affiliates from all countries. Although, approval of your application is at their discretion as they pay close attention to the compatibility and synergies with your site.

CrocMint Affiliate Program

CrocMint Affiliate Program review

CrocMint is a well-regarded health affiliate program and has been in business for quite a long time. They offer generous commissions and a wide range of products to choose from which we will discuss in this short review.

What Can You Sell?

CrocMint offers an expansive range of herbal products to sell which fall into the following categories: health, skincare, sexual health, anti-aging, and weight loss.

CrocMint Commission Rate – Up to 40% on each sale.

CrocMint offers quite generous payments of up to 40% on each sale depending on the product’s type as each product has a different commission ratio.

✔️ Benefits:

  • Two-tier affiliate program which allows you to make 10% of the sales generated by your downline.
  • High converting products.
  • Robust tracking system.
  • Payments are made weekly every Wednesday.
  • Get Paid via Bank Wire, PayPal, Paxum, and Web Money.

✖️ Disadvantages:

  • Selection of products can feel limiting when compared with other health affiliate programs.

Who Can Use the CrocMint Affiliate Program?

CrocMint is open to all types of affiliate marketers from all countries.

(More) Health Affiliate Programs Available

health affiliate marketing

While the above-mentioned health affiliate programs are some of the most popular and highest paying ones I’ve found, this list is far from complete. As I explained in the introduction, there are many other programs you can choose to join.

If none of the above suits your needs as an affiliate, you can see some more health-themed affiliate programs on this page here.

How To Promote Health Products Online (As An Affiliate)

One thing you have to keep in mind when promoting health products online is that you are quite literally dealing with people’s health.

It would be best if you took every precaution to make sure you are not providing the wrong information to customers that could lead to serious health damage. For this niche, you should also learn a bit more about Google’s EAT algorithm.

If you plan on promoting health products, make sure you put in the disclaimer that you (most probably) are not a doctor and these are solely your opinions and how the products helped you.

Due to its delicacy, this niche can be quite tricky sometimes as there are laws protecting the consumer that you won’t find in other niches. With that said, one of the best ways to promote health products is through good old SEO marketing.

On the other hand, the best way to get the most out of your affiliate marketing business (whether it’s in the health niche or otherwise) is to know what you are doing.

If you’re a complete beginner in affiliate marketing, you can see how I build small-yet-profitable affiliate websites in my tell-all guide here.