Fitness Affiliate Programs For Lean & Mean Profits

Last year, I’ve decided to finally get my body in shape. At 30 years old, I set out to become the fittest I’ve ever been and I’m glad to report I’ve been religiously sticking to my workout/diet schedules.

One thing I’ve noticed while on this fitness-trip is how big the fitness industry really and how much money people are willing to spend on their fitness, which is absolutely a good thing IMO.

With that said, today I want to share with you 10 fitness affiliate programs which you – as a fitness blogger or else – can make money promoting.

Before we dig deep into each affiliate program, let’s first take a quick overview and see how brands we’ll be covering today.

fitness affiliate programs

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The 10 Best Fitness Affiliate Programs For Fitness Bloggers:

  • All Volleyball
  • Titan Fitness
  • Driftsun
  • Horizon
  • National Academy of Sports
  • Jump Sport
  • Monkii Portable
  • Reebok
  • Hickies Lace System
  • Gene Food

All Volleyball

All Volleyball affiliate program

All Volleyball is an online eCommerce store that has specialized in volleyball equipment, accessories as well as clothing. Despite that volleyball might not be a sport that can run into your mind when you hear about the fitness program, you will be able to burn approximately 300 calories within an hour of playing this game.

Furthermore, you need to understand that volleyball is among the most famous sport across the world, with approximately 800 million players taking part in the game. Volleyball features a ready market, meaning selling accessories and volleyball equipment is relatively easy.

As an affiliate for All Volleyball, you are receiving a commission rate of 5% on sales that are above $250. Furthermore, they feature a flat rate of $30 per successful transaction you make. They feature a conversion rate of 10%, and they have approximately 22,000 products with a cookie duration of 30 days, which is enough for you to create traffic.

Titan Fitness

titan fitness affiliate program

Titan Fitness is a fitness program that has specialized in selling an array of products, which is ideal for individuals who lift heavy equipment, hit heavy things as well as swing heavy objects as well. Basically, Titan Fitness has specialized in selling kettlebells, free weights, weight racks as well as boxing equipment.

Their equipment is ideal for individuals who would like to get ripped or become physically fit.

The best part is that Titan Fitness equipment is pocket-friendly, meaning you will be able to save as you reduce your waistline and building up muscle. As an affiliate, you will be able to make a commission rate of 5% on their branded products as well as a 4% commission rate on everything products that feature.

You might be put off by the low commission they offer; however, this is the rate in which you will be receiving within the fitness niche. You will be able to get unlimited referrals within 30 days cookie duration.


driftsun affiliate program

If you are a surfer who is looking for the world’s best surfing affiliate program, then look no further because Driftsun got your back. Usually, surfers feature exercise with their whole body burning approximately 720 calories within an hour. This is because they often work their entire body while operating on an unstable surface.

Driftsun has specialized in selling new suppliers if paddleboards, kayaks, skimboards, and wake surf since 2014. However, this will provide you with a unique advantage as an affiliate who promotes new products.

Furthermore, you will become more enthusiastic as well as energetic since you will be developing an impact in the Driftsun affiliate program.

Often, water sports devices are not that affordable; this is why the average selling value at Driftsun is $350. As an affiliate, you will be earning a commission rate of 10%, meaning you will be making at least $35 per every successful sale you make. Their cookie life duration is 15 days.

Horizon Fitness

horizon fitness affiliate programs

Johnson Health Tech is the company that came up with Horizon Fitness, and they are well known for manufacturing tremendous and robust exercise devices for over 35 years.

Since they are among the most popular fitness brands across the world, you probably must have used their rowers, treadmills, exercise bikes as well as elliptical striders at some point in a local gym.

However, not everyone would like or can use a local gym in exercising; it is due to this that home exercise machines have become lucrative nowadays. Nowadays, most individuals pay for almost anything to exercise from their homes with maximum comfort.

When it comes to their affiliate programs, Horizon allows its affiliates to connect with fitness enthusiasts who love training from the comfort of their homes. They feature an average sale order of $800, and their commission rate is 8% per sale. Furthermore, they feature a cookie duration of 30 days.

National Academy of Sports

nasm fitness affiliate program

National Academy of Sports is a very-unique affiliate program. This program aims at individuals who are physically fit and would like to teach others how they will attain their maximum physical ability.

As most individuals understand, that the term coaching has been bandied a lot; however, on this occasion, the National Academy of Sport provides well-recognized qualifications when it comes to fitness training. They don’t offer a membership that is credited by nobody, which is something most fitness programs practice.

Certificates offered by the National Academy of Sports include; Corrective exercise, certified personal trainer, specialist, performance enhancement specialist, and fitness nutrition, specialist. With the National Academy of Sports, you will be able to earn $25 per sale as an affiliate.

They also offer a cookie life duration of 30 days.

Jump Sport

jumpsport affiliate program

Jumps Sport is a fitness program that has been in operation for an extended period. They first started operating in the year 1995, and they specialized in creating an array of safety enclosures used in trampolines.

In 2008, Jump Sport diversified into the niche of fitness and the trampoline market. They are well-known for having an array of quality products. For individuals who doubt trampoline as an effective fitness program, it will be best for them to give a 30 minutes workout and check the amount of calories they managed to burn.

Jump Sport trampolines have received plenty of positive reviews; this means that you will be affiliating yourself with high-quality products. As an affiliate, you will be receiving a commission ra