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How To Do Keyword Research For Affiliate Marketing

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One major pillar to getting the traffic you want and need to become a successful affiliate marketer is search traffic, or in other terms; Google traffic!

The all mighty, all powerful Google is a major contributor to the best quality of traffic you can get.

You may or may not like it but remember: Google has their own way of doing things and you’re likely not in a position to compete with Google right now.

How do we abide by Google’s rules so we get the traffic we so greatly desire?

The whole thing comes down to keyword research and this is the first thing you have to learn in order to understand how Google ranks its content for the “keywords” people type in around 3.5 billion times a day into their servers.

So; how do you do keyword research for affiliate marketing (and why is it needed)?

The idea behind finding and using great keywords is for the simple fact that you can have the best content in the world but if nobody is reading it, then it’s worth absolutely nothing.

Using the right keywords, at the right place and at the right time can make or break your blog (yes, it is that extreme).

For the most part of my other blog’s ( life, I relied mostly on social networks to deliver me the traffic that I needed and disregarded Google (and other search engines) completely.

No a good idea! It was only until I decided to make use of the “BIG G” that my traffic, my readership, my subscribers and yes even my income went up as well.

Ok, so let’s find out exactly:

How To Do Keyword Research For Affiliate Marketing

Using Keyword Tools

One thing you are surely going to need to get precise data and numbers is a keyword tool that can deliver the exact volume of searches that a keyword gets.

We do this because you just can’t target any keyword (although it is accepted in some cases), but in order to do affiliate marketing properly, you need to see what people are looking for and provide the information they are so desperately needing from you.

My favorite keyword tool which I have been using for the past 4 years is a little known tool called “Jaaxy”.

It’s a paid membership service (which costs just $19 a month) but it delivers so much data on the keywords you’re looking for that it puts it way above the competition.

The other option for you, which is free, is the Google Keyword planner tool. It does the same job as Jaaxy, but it won’t go into so much details and numbers.

Looking At What Google Says About Your Topic

Google is probably the best keyword search engine in the world and for obvious reasons; it holds the most data on what keyword research is being done.

A little known trick that brings in results using the “Google Alphabet Soup Technique: that a lot of people are finding success with and I usually use it to get more ideas and more relatable keywords for my topic.

You can see a video guide about the “Alphabet Soup” technique here.

While this method delivers a lot of keywords for affiliate marketing purposes, if you scroll down, you will find that most often than not, Google also gives you more ideas. These keywords are related to your main keyword and these keywords can be used as sub-titles in your post.

Doing this will show Google that you are covering the subject from every angle and will “hopefully” rank you accordingly for all the keywords you manage to hit.

Remember though; this is not a rule. It’s more of a “set of guidelines” and a “bonus tip” so do not stress out if you don’t include any of these relatable searches (or none for that matter).

Have You Got Comments Yet? If So, Good!

Want to know what your audience is looking for information about?

Easy; if you do have an audience that are leaving you comments (which would require you to have a bit of authority and a constant stream of traffic coming in), then you will find many, many ideas on what to write about next without doing any keyword research.

NB: Let me just add here (and this goes for every method I discuss); that you do not have to write every single post with the hopes of ranking. Sometimes you just want to provide great information without the expectation of ranking number 1. I find this leads to much less frustration and much more enjoyable writing.

Back to the topic…

If you have any comments on your site, go in and look for questions or better yet a question that pointed out a bit of confusion in your post, this will be a great time to write another post addressing that specific issue.

PRO TIP: Whenever a commenter leaves a comment, he / she also leaves their email address. When you answer that specific question they had, make sure you email them and let them know that you saw their question and addressed it in your new blog post.

Are You Doing Product Reviews?

I have talked extensively in the past how doing product reviews for your niche is a great way to get rankings, get traffic and get sales.

The sole focus of this blog for the past 6 months have been only doing product reviews (excluding the online business advice I sometimes publish).

In any niche, sub niche and industry you can imagine, you will be able to find products that people are buying and alre also looking for information on before they make that final critical purchase.

A good place to start looking for products to promote is by using the Amazon Associates program or places such as JVZoo, Share-A-Sale and Clickbank if you want to promote digital products.

Also, make sure you look at ‘best selling” products of the past week or month (if you want to push it a bit).

This will guarantee that the products you will be reviewing are:

  • Selling quite well already (otherwise they wouldn’t be on the top selling list) and / or
  • There is some buzz around this product (whenever a product just launched, it has a lot of sales and a lot of people looking for information about it).

My process of doing product reviews is me looking at the top charts of JVzoo and The Warrior Forum, looking at the hottest selling product TODAY and writing, publishing and ranking the review that very same day.

I won’t say this will guarantee success, but it does get results over 80% of the times for me.

What keywords do you have to look for when doing product reviews?

Always make sure you include the main keyword which will be “product x review” in your title and then add your thoughts about this product as part of the title. You can see many examples listed here under my reviews page.

You might also want to include in your review these types of phrases (or similar):

Is product x legit?
Is product x a scam?
How much is product x?
Product x upsells.

These won’t necessarily carry a lot of weight if you plug them into any of the keyword tools that we’ve mentioned above but it will give both the readers and search engines a clear idea of what your review is about.

Again; this doesn’t guarantee success all of the time, just most of the time.

Product reviews are great. Learn how to write a solid review, learn how to write consistently great content and sit back and watch the rankings, traffic and sales come in.

As proof, I’d like to offer my own humble numbers doing reviews and this is a screenshot of this blog’s traffic up till today after I started it from scratch on February 2016.

Closing Words

Thank you very much for reading this post, I really hope this has shed some light on the many ways you can do keyword research for affiliate marketing.

I am 100% sure that if you follow the guidelines outlined above, you are going to see success within the search engines in no time.

Sure it may take some time, so do not worry if at first you don’t see much traffic coming in but remember that great SEO work is not done in a day, it’s built brick by brick, day by day till one day when you wake up, check your analytics and find out the for the past 6 months, your traffic has been climbing steadily!

And remember; there is no limit as to how many keywords you can use, how many posts you can write and no limit to how much traffic and money you can earn.

Whatever niche you’re in, there is always something to write about for that niche. No niche will ever go completely dry and you can never cover everything that can be covered in a topic (that is impossible).

I’d invite you to check out the process one of my digital mentors goes through finding content ideas for the most obscure niches out there.

If you’re having troubles coming up with content ideas, then check out this post and let him show you how to generate content ideas for a year from doing just 5 minutes of work every day.

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Till next time, thanks again for reading.

Keep learning, start earning.


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