The “Profitable Niche Site” Case-Study (March 2020 – Update 11)

Welcome back to yet another update for my profitable niche site case study. This past month (March 2020) has been both wildly successful and also disappointing at the same time.

As expected, the main issue with this past month was the coronavirus situation which has caused global destruction and completely ruined my plans for these websites (and the conversions I’m used to getting).

While both sites I’m tracking in this case study both had record-breaking traffic (some of the highest % increases I’ve seen since I started this adventure), earnings did not reflect the same rise (although niche site 02 – which you’ll learn about below – registered a slight increase in ad revenue).

As usual, I will first give you the numbers for each website, and then dive into what I did in the previous month and what I plan to do in the upcoming month (April).

Next month will be the 12th month of this running case study so I will be giving you a slightly different update and taking a look at all that has happened (both wins and failures) in the first year for these two affiliate websites.

Let’s get started…