12 Must-Know Blog Writing Tips For Beginner Bloggers

tips to help you start your blog

If you’ve been thinking of starting a blog, you may already have come across plenty of articles repeating over and over again the same old tired tips and tricks. In this article, I wanted to “step outside” of the usual BS and instead try and give you 12 must-know tried-and-proven blog writing tips (from my … Read more

10 Reasons Why Blogging Is Hard For Beginners (& How To Fix It)

is blogging hard for beginners

If you want to start a blog – congratulations. It’s a great hobby to get into and with a bit of understanding of how it all works, you can definitely turn a blog into a business. With plenty of “success stories” being posted and more-than-we-need “advice” online on how to start a blog, it’s surprising … Read more

When Will Your Blog Start Making Money? (Road To Profitability)

When Will Your Blog Start Making Money

So you’ve read all the “blog income reports” out there, you’ve gone through the trouble of learning “how to start a blog” and today you find yourself with a blog, but no income. What’s the problem!? What went wrong? When will your blog start making money? Good news – it’s going just as it’s supposed … Read more

How To Start A Sports Blog (& Make Money)

how to start a sports blog

If there ever was an “evergreen niche” with massive potential and the ability to make ridiculous money with; it’s sports. Today, I will be showing you how I would go about starting a sports blog that earns money, giving you everything you need to know, do and learn to make your sports blogging a successful … Read more

7 Things You Should Have On Your Blog Homepage (& Why)

how to create a homepage for your blog

Just getting started with your new blog? I know it can seem confusing (even though everyone said it’ll be easy) but I promise you; Once you get the hang of it, you will love blogging and hopefully; you will also start making money with it (more on this later). One of the first things you … Read more

60+ Baking Blog Name Ideas (With Available Domains)

baking blog name ideas

Finding a great blog name (with an available domain name) for a new blog is getting harder by the hour. Domains are “digital real estate” and they are being bought up quickly as the demand for high-quality domains keeps on exploding. In this post I have for you here, I have curated 60+ baking blog … Read more