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5 Years Of Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

Today, the 9th of May 2018, marks my 5 year anniversary of making money with affiliate marketing. On that amazing day in 2013, I woke up to check my Amazon Associates account (the only affiliate program I was using at that time) expecting another disappointing $0 balance but what I had found changed the curse […]

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The Reasons Why Internet Get-Rich-Quick Schemes Don’t Work

the reasons why internet get rich quick schemes never work

The internet is full of get-rich-quick-schemes. As an internet browser, I am also 100% certain that you have come across a page or advert that says something of the sort: Get Rich Quick With These Easy Simple Method This Is How “insert hometown here” Residents Are Getting Rich Models & Bottles: The Only Super-Sian Secret […]

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Pinterest & Affiliate Marketing: What’s The Real Story?

pinterest and affiliate marketing

What is the real story with Pinterest & Affiliate Marketing? Are Pinterest allowing affiliate links or not? I myself am very big on Pinterest, it sends around 20,000 visitors each and every month to my other blog and a majority of my sales are credited to Pinterest on my drop-shipping store as well. Pinterest & […]

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How To Invest Your Affiliate Marketing Profits

how to invest your online profits

One great thing about online businesses and affiliate marketing is that if done right, then you turn over a pretty decent amount of cash each and every month. Obviously, this post is aimed for the mid to pro-level of affiliates who are already making a decent amount of change with their affiliate business. If you […]

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5 Beauty Affiliate Programs For Fashion Bloggers & YouTubers

beauty affiliate programs

The beauty industry is booming online and it’s slowly becoming one of the biggest industries thanks to some of the best beauty affiliate programs just now being made available to worldwide affiliates. The “beauty/makeup industry” is pulling in a lot of dough right now, just look at what Kylie Jenner makes promoting her own brand […]

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Is Affiliate Marketing Declining? Here’s My Opinion


I have recently took a very different approach at how I do email marketing. Before, I used to send out an email, which most often than not was a promotional one and just hope for the best. Around two weeks ago, I figured since my initial approach was not getting too many results, I might […]

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The 4 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Where To Put Affiliate Links

If you’re stepping into the affiliate marketing scene with the idea of making money, then somewhere along the line, you are going to need to pick an affiliate program to partner with. If you’re doing content marketing, but haven’t yet decided to use it as an income, I advise you to (at least) read this blog […]

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Target Affiliate Program Review (Things To Know)

target affiliate program review

Affiliate marketing has come a long way since it’s humble, and very obscure, beginning in the late 90s. Today, affiliate marketing is seen as a powerhouse for digital marketing and online businesses and I am glad to see big box retailers jumping in on the bandwagon and giving affiliates the opportunity to “ride the wave” […]

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How To Use Affiliate Links On Instagram


I am spending a lot of my time on Instagram lately, not playing about, but working. With the many recent updates, including Instagram Analytics, the IG has become a force of nature when it comes to online marketing and many, MANY marketers are using Instagram to promote their products. But one issue that still trifles […]

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