The “Profitable Niche Site” Case-Study (April 2020 – Update 12)

This is month 12 of the profitable niche site case study and I had originally planned to give you a full 12-month breakdown of the two websites. However, given how this was such a phenomenal month for these websites, I’ve decided to stick to my monthly update instead.

I will be publishing a full 12-month report sometime in the coming months so look out for that (it will be linked here if published).

Yes, this past month (April) was absolutely fantastic. Both these websites have registered record growth in traffic, sales, and subscribers.

This may be due to the coronavirus situation with everyone being stuck at home reading stuff online, but whatever is causing this, I am very happy with the progress these sites have made and I’m about to share with you everything that happened down below.

Profitable Niche Site Case Study