Nike Affiliate Program Review (Just Do It)

how to sell nike products as an affiliates

Nike needs no introduction here. It’s one of the biggest brands ever, completely dominating the sporting industry with their line of clothing and fitness apparel. However just recently I discovered something else about Nike, and that is they offer an affiliate program! You can actually promote every single Nike product on their site and yes, … Read more

5 Golf Affiliate Programs Paying Big Commissions

the best golf affiliate programs

When you’re starting out in affiliate marketing, you will hear about 3 specific niches that make the most money. These are; The “make money online” niche, the ever-lasting “health/dieting” niche and, the golf niche. Golf affiliate marketing – for the reasons I will share with you here – has always been a mega money-maker online. … Read more

5 Health Affiliate Programs With Excellent Commissions

health affiliate marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you probably recognize the health and wealth niches (and all the sub-niches within them) are mega money makers. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the best health-related affiliate programs currently available. Of course, there are plenty more affiliate programs to choose from, but I chose these 5 based on … Read more