Did Pinterest Suspend Your Account? You’re Not Alone!

Did you just get banned from Pinterest?

Did Pinterest block your website destroying all the work you’ve put in trying your best to provide Pinterest with the best content you can create?

Well, you’re not alone.

I’m writing this in October of 2019 and last week, Pinterest shut down 3 of my accounts, and 2 of my websites.

Since there’s a lot of people posting about getting their site/account blocked, I’m going to assume this was a site-wide ban on “dubious” accounts.

So why is Pinterest banning everyone?

I honestly do not know. Even though many would say this, there was no legitimate reason why I got shut me down.

One of the sites they blocked for me was this one (3hundrd.com) and I know for a fact that I do not post spam, I do not post “misleading” content and I put a lot of effort in creating well-thought-out guides on how to build an online business.

As you can see, the ban hit my traffic hard:

pinterest banned me

I have been a huge supporter of Pinterest pretty much from day one.

I’ve always enjoyed the platform and I’ve always recommended people to use it both because it’s a fun platform and because it’s a fantastic tool to use to get traffic to your blog/websites.

However – the love is not mutual.

Pinterest saw fit to kick me off their platform and provide very little to no reasoning why they did that.

Down below I am going to share with you a few reasons why Pinterest may have shut you down, and I’ll also provide you with a few ideas on how you can (perhaps) get your account unsuspended.

I will also give you a few Pinterest-traffic alternatives so you can build up traffic to your website without having to constantly be worrying about it getting banned and losing all your traffic.

If you’re pissed off at Pinterest, confused as to why Pinterest blocked you and you want to try and make some sense of it all (I don’t have all the answers here) keep reading…

Why Is Pinterest Banning Everyone? (You Can Blame The Mafia)

the pinterest mafia

To try to understand why Pinterest is banning users for no good reason, the only logical answer I can find that makes sense is the Pinterest Mafia, which yes – is a very real thing.

This may sound conspiratorial, but since Pinterest does not provide us with any real reasons (apart from the same bot-generated auto-replies) they send out to everyone, it’s the only “semi-real” thing we have to go on.

(It’s also been proven that Pinterest has a political bias which they brutally and unashamedly enforce, but let’s not go down that rabbit hole today).

Basically, the Pinterest Mafia is made up of two certain circumstances;

The People Who See Your Pins (& Don’t Like It):

One idea of how a legitimate website can get flagged for spam is the fact that Pinterest tries to show users sites which they think people will like.

This means that your site has the potential to reach thousands of people with this algorithm “trick” (which is what makes Pinterest great for traffic), however – people who end up seeing your website, but do not like it – also have the potential to “report it as spam”.

pinterest reported spam

So for example, if you follow someone who follows me, and the person that follows me re-pins my content, you get to see what I share, which may not be what you want to see.

Now you may be asking;

But isn’t that how all social media networks work?

Well, yes – but Pinterest has said many times: it is not a social network.

Instead – Pinterest is a social (visual) search engine.

Now, of course, this may not be the real reason why you got suspended from Pinterest (maybe you really are a spammer) but it makes sense when you combine this information with the following:

The Pinterest Made-Men Don’t Like Competition:

There are plenty of big accounts on Pinterest that manage a lot of websites you see on there & these people do not like competition going on their turf.

What I’ve noticed is that Pinterest never bans a “small” account.

They only trigger the suspension and blocking when you start getting some traction, followers, and views on your Pins.

This is because the Made Men of the Pinterest Mafia are using the “issue” with reason number one – the fact that people can “report spam” and orchestrating a massive “mark as spam” campaign to all competitors who are gaining ground.

This means that through automated bot systems, these well-connected Pinterest untouchables can launch targetted attacks and with a flip-of-the-switch, they can signal to Pinterest that your account is spammy and of course; Pinterest agrees.

Now I know this sounds crazy and a bit too conspiratorial, but it does explain why so many sites are getting banned off the platform for no good reason.

A lot of people are being treated unfairly by Pinterest, and as you can see from the Pinterest TrustPilot.com page, people are speaking up:

pinterest reviews

pinterest business reviews

pinterest is biased

Can You Reverse A Pinterest Suspension?

Yes – you actually can.

There are many instances where Pinterest will reverse a suspension and lift the block on your account.

I’ve also heard of blocked-websites being allowed back on, but it’s not as common as getting your account back.

What you need to do is get in touch with Pinterest support (you can use this link to go directly to the Appeals page) and state your claim.

You will then get an automated message that says they have received their appeal and they are looking into it.

You then get the final reply, which either says “it was a mistake” (which gives more validity to the Pinterest Mafia theory):

misty pinterest support

Or; You are told that they will keep your suspension on, and there’s nothing more you can do about it.

(In other words; they are telling you to stop messaging them).

What’s even weirder about this is that even though they may refuse you once, out of the blue a few days later you will get the notification that “it was a mistake” and that they now have re-enabled your account.

Regarding getting your website back, you can also appeal that using this page but even though you can argue all day long how your website is not spammy, chances are they will tell you that they will not honor your request and send you a message like this:

misty pinterest customer support

For the sake of this article (and more posts I do about this in the future), I will keep trying to get my site unblocked – if that happens, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Should You Keep Using Pinterest (For Business Purposes)?

While I would still advise anyone with a blog/website/business to promote to be on Pinterest, I would also tell you to be very careful.

I know for a fact that there are plenty of bloggers who use Pinterest as their main source of traffic and they actually earn a full-time income with their Pinterest traffic

The idea that that can all be taken away from you, with a click of a button, by some purple-haired hippie at Pinterest HQ (for no good reason, or at least an explanation) scares the hell out of me.

Luckily, I have other sources of traffic (which I’ll talk about soon) that have kept my business afloat and earning money but if that wasn’t the case;

I would’ve lost all the work I’ve put in the the last 5 years using Pinterest!

What Else Can You Do Besides Pinterest To Promote Your Blog?

Just like you should never depend on one source of income, you should never depend on one source of traffic.

If you want to make blogging a business, you need to diversify where you are getting your traffic from.

If you have a traffic source that is bringing in 80%+ of your traffic, you need to find ways to supplement that traffic (and income) – asap!

There are many ways you can promote your website, but I am going to share with you these two here as there are the ones which I consider “the safest”.

Email Marketing:

Nobody can take away your email list.

Once someone has given you “permission” to email them, that audience is yours to keep.

I would highly recommend you start collecting emails as well because if things were to go south, these subscribers can help you “keep going” until your resolve or recover any issue you’ve been hit with.

I have been using Aweber to build my email list and so far, I have 4,411 subscribers, which gives me a bit of a “safety” net.

high level affiliate marketing email strategies

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Last but not least, I have to mention my favorite traffic source which is SEO.

SEO, in other words; search engine optimization is traffic you get when your content/blog posts appear in Google for various search terms.

I won’t go through how to make your website SEO-friendly here as this is not what this article is about, but you can learn more about it in my “getting started with SEO” guide.

Final Words

So there you have.

Some conspiracy-theories about Pinterest, the Pinterest Mafia and a few ways you can fight an unfair Pinterest suspension + a few ways you can safeguard your online business against random attacks such as this.

If you have any questions, be sure to let me know and I’ll be sure to update this post as I continue trying to communicate with Pinterest about getting my site un-banned.

Talk soon – good luck.

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